How Fort Worth Community Credit Union Saved A Month Of Work With Asset Panda

Fort Worth Community Credit Union was spending far too much time tracking down assets when they could have been helping their customers. By automating some of their most tedious processes, Asset Panda helped them close the customer service gap.

Asset Panda Solutions:

  • Mobile Audit
  • Customized reporting
  • Asset tracking over multiple locations
  • Inventory Management
  • Depreciation

Customer since: June 2016

Based in Bedford, Texas, Fort Worth Community Credit Union serves people who live, work, or attend school in Tarrant, Parker, Johnson, and Denton counties. Founded in 1940, the union has expanded today to six different offices, 11 different branch locations, and dozens of ATMs.

Because we serve customers in each of those locations, we require a lot of physical assets to run from day to day. That includes furniture, like desks and chairs for customers and employees alike, plus company computers—all spread out across multiple cities.

Before we switched to Asset Panda, we used a combination of paper forms and Microsoft Excel. If an employee needed to move a computer or another asset, they’d receive a form to document the transfer. But frequently one of two things happened: either the employee forgot to turn in the completed form, or the form was never filled out in the first place. It was impossible to track asset movements because we didn’t have a clear record of where our equipment was.

Finally, we switched to Asset Panda after doing some online research. Asset Panda was the only solution that allowed us to track assets across locations inside multiple cities while also fitting the price we were willing to pay. With a total of 216 employees, our company is on the smaller side for a bank, but we still need the same flexibility and scale that a larger organization would want. Thankfully, we found Asset Panda, and it turned out to be a perfect fit.

Right from the beginning, we found Asset Panda’s Interface very easy to use. The software has all of the options we currently need, but it isn’t hard to navigate because it’s arranged in an intuitive style. We especially appreciate the way Asset Panda is regularly adding updates and improvements to our software almost every quarter.

It used to be like pulling teeth to get employees to remember to fill out and turn in the tedious asset management paperwork. We had a lot of missing or misplaced inventory due to changes not being recorded, but not anymore. Now we find that employees are more than willing to record a transfer with Asset Panda since it takes much less time. We use both the mobile and desktop versions of the app, so employees can update assets or record transfers using whichever method is more convenient for them. And since all the information is stored in the cloud, it doesn’t matter which device they use, and I can see every update in real time.  

Our previous process caused me an extra month of work when a property was not transferred properly. Under the new process, we record transfers instantly and efficiently. And when we encounter the rare asset that slipped through the cracks, we catch it immediately through a barcode scan during the audit process. It’s a lot easier than what we used to do: manually try to decipher match up illegibly handwritten asset transfer reports!

Support has been very helpful. We love working with the Asset Panda team for training and real-time Q&A sessions whenever something comes up. Switching to Asset Panda has saved me around an hour every day. I’d recommend it to all of our colleagues in the finance sector.

David Chambers, Staff Accountant

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