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Now you can try Asset Panda's asset tracking system for free for 14 days (without a credit card). It’s a practical, hands-on way to understand the savings of time and money you’ll gain when you can track and monitor the movement of your equipment. With no risk, you can see why our clients trust our simple asset management software to help them manage millions of dollars worth of their most vital assets.

Let’s take your IT assets, for example:

  • Computer monitors
  • Laptops
  • Keyboards
  • Scanners
  • Printers
  • Copiers
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • And everything else your organization uses to operate

As those items move throughout your organization and outside its walls – to employees’ homes or on business trips – the opportunity for loss or theft is high.

At any given time, do you know where those items are? If you need to transfer a laptop from one location to another, can you track it down? Do you have any details on its condition and/or maintenance history? If you needed to report the laptop’s value for accounting and compliance purposes, how easy would it be to obtain that information?

Companies are busy enough without maintaining an Excel spreadsheet of their assets – and manual tracking is an open invitation for errors, duplication of work, oversight, and other issues. An effective asset tracking system allows you to pull up details like these. When you try the Asset Panda free trial, you’ll find that thanks to mobile technology and the cloud, it’s actually quite easy and cost-effective to manage the complete lifecycle of every asset.

The Features of Asset Panda

Asset Panda offers the most streamlined solution for your asset tracking needs. And we’ve eliminated the need for any additional software or hardware. With our platform, you don’t need a separate handheld barcode scanner. You already have everything you need to use Asset Panda because all that’s required is your smartphone or tablet.

Our free mobile iOS ad Android apps sync with the cloud and offer the most powerful mobile asset tracking platform globally. The app includes a mobile barcode scanner, and you’re entitled to an unlimited number of users at no additional charge.

If you’re going to get everyone on board with your asset tracking initiative, you need a system that’s simple to use and requires no extensive training. No training is necessary – even for the most technologically challenged employee. While the Asset Panda app is incredibly powerful, it’s also extremely easy to use.

An Asset Management System Built for Configurability

Our platform also is entirely customizable. So although every one of our clients gets full access to our complete and robust features offered, you only select the features relevant to your business and customize them according to your needs.

Those features include a custom dashboard, custom fields, custom actions (like reports, alerts, and notifications), a calendar feature, custom security settings, and more. 24 hours a day, you can check on an item’s check-in/check-out status, GPS location, insurance policy, lease/purchase information, maintenance history, and depreciation figures from the palm of your hand.

You can also create work orders, schedule maintenance, and even use Asset Panda as an enterprise service desk to reduce your support call volume. This app adapts to how you work now, and it’s flexible enough to adapt as your needs change in the future.

Try Asset Panda for Free Today

When you can bring all of your stakeholders into the communication loop – meaning every employee involved in the lifecycle of an asset – you increase accountability throughout your entire organization. You reduce loss and the wasted revenue associated with “ghost assets,” or assets that, unbeknownst to you, have long been gone from your inventory but for which you still pay insurance fees.

There’s no more guesswork or frustration when employees have to drop everything to hunt down lost assets. Additionally, when you can keep tabs on your equipment maintenance, you maximize the lifecycle of your investments.

Effectively managing your assets is your first step toward significant and measurable efficiencies. Learn why Asset Panda is one of the highest-rated asset management software today by getting your free demo (no credit card required)!


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