Boost productivity with asset lifecycle management

Track the full history of your assets from purchase to disposal and optimize utilization with our asset lifecycle management software.

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Optimize asset utilization

Lengthen the lifespan of your assets and reduce costs

From IT devices to industrial equipment, our agnostic asset lifecycle management software helps you track the full history of your assets. Store every asset detail from acquisition to disposal in our detailed records, including assignment and repair history, key maintenance dates, and depreciation. With a clear understanding of an item’s current condition and value, you can optimize asset utilization and improve cost savings and sustainability.

Streamline fixed asset maintenance

Increase safety and productivity with clear insight into maintenance needs

Stay ahead of preventive maintenance with our fixed asset lifecycle management solution. Access each asset’s full repair history, maintenance schedule, and user and safety manuals in robust asset records. With the ability to add all your team members to Asset Panda, you can easily create work orders and assign them to available employees for increased efficiency.  

By better maintaining your fixed assets, you’ll not only improve their longevity but also increase safety and compliance and reduce downtime.

Keep your IT devices up
and running

Maintain your internal team’s and clients’ devices with IT asset lifecycle management

Easily track the full lifecycle of all your IT assets to boost productivity and accountability. Get visibility into an asset’s maintenance needs, assignment history, and depreciation to keep your IT devices in working order longer. 

With our scalable, multi-tenant asset lifecycle management software, you can configure your Asset Panda platform to track an internal team’s devices or manage devices across numerous client accounts.

Make more informed business decisions

Gain detailed insights into your assets from acquisition to disposal

Generate customized reports and create automated reporting schedules to routinely review asset usage, upcoming maintenance needs, and more. Leverage straight-line depreciation reporting to improve tax compliance, avoid ghost assets, and accurately forecast future purchasing needs. 

With actionable insights into all your assets, our asset lifecycle management software can help you optimize utilization, determine when assets need to be retired, and estimate costs for future purchases. Seamlessly archive retired assets and import and assign new ones for improved record retention and efficiency.


Useful features for lifecycle management

Asset Tracking


Mobile app

Ease of use


Track Utilities earns back a day a week with Asset Panda

“Making sure those assets are in line with the dates that they need to be replaced or tested would be a definite benefit. We can get our guys the tools and the things they need to do their jobs safely and make sure we are being compliant."

Brian Bruni

Asset Management Lead

RISE™Robotics uses Asset Panda as their single source of truth

"Almost every company that I could see myself working for in the future would benefit from something like Asset Panda if they don't already have it." 

Tom Rufo

Lab Manager

Hendrix Enterprises manages inventory 5X faster with Asset Panda

“Being able to better track maintenance costs, lifecycle replacements, and even when the cost of fixing a piece of equipment is more than the actual value of the equipment has made a big difference."

Jayna Hendrix

Project Specialist

Frequently asked questions

What is asset lifecycle management (ALM) software?

Asset lifecycle management (ALM) software is a solution that helps you track the full history of your assets through detailed records. These records track valuable information about your assets from their purchase to their disposal, including:

  • Assignment history
  • Repair history
  • Recommended maintenance timelines
  • Warranty information
  • User and safety manuals
  • Asset utilization
  • Depreciation

There are 5 key stages of an asset's lifecycle that you can track with ALM software:

  1. Planning
  2. Acquisition
  3. Utilization
  4. Maintenance
  5. Disposal

Organizations that accurately track the full lifecycles of their assets realize multiple benefits, including:

  • Extended lifespans of their assets and, in turn, increased sustainability
  • Reduced costs and downtime with proactive maintenance tracking
  • Increased accountability and compliance
  • Easier forecasting for future purchases

Tracking the depreciation of your assets helps your organization improve tax compliance, avoid ghost assets, and accurately plan to retire your current assets and purchase new ones.

Yes! Asset Panda currently supports straight-line depreciation tracking.

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