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Whether you’re a small nonprofit or global corporation, fixed assets – including everything from office furniture, A/V equipment, mobile phones and laptops to monitors, hard drives and vehicles -- help you run your business. Tracking those assets as they move both inside and outside your building is one tall order. No individual is capable of keeping an ever-watchful eye on a laptop, for example, as it travels from office to conference room, from car to airplane and hotel room. Fixed asset tracking devices were created to give companies peace of mind while helping prevent loss, theft and wasted time and money. Do a Google search for “asset tracking devices,” and you’re going to find a lot of them. For a large organization, the prospect of purchasing multiple tracking devices is an expensive one. Due to cost, a company may not be able to install as many of these devices as they’d like. Additionally, those devices are powered by batteries that require occasionally recharging and may lose signal strength. And, of course, these asset tracking devices are just that; they don’t perform additional functions or store valuable asset data, like maintenance schedule, insurance information or an asset’s check-in/check-out status.

Asset Panda presents a powerful, data-rich way not only to track your assets anywhere you happen to be, but also view the complete lifecycle of every one of your assets, from the time of acquisition to the time it’s replaced. All you need is the mobile device you already carry; our free mobile iOS and Android apps sync with the cloud and require no additional hardware or software to use, and a mobile barcode scanner is included in the app. No special licenses or training is required to Asset Panda. Despite its robust features offering, Asset Panda is incredibly intuitive, from its simple user interface to its sortable columns, custom fields, quick search, custom notifications, user-configurable views, custom dashboard and so much more.

Asset Panda’s asset tracking mapping software allows users to map the coordinates of every one of their vital assets based on a mobile audit function, and using either their smartphones or tablets. And, with asset tracking routing software, our clients are able to view the transfer of an asset from location to location, and determine how long the transfer took, which helps our clients improve their productivity and even increase their profits. User configuration options also allow Asset Panda users to manage the locations to which their respective employees have access – which, in turn helps reduce errors and streamline workflows.

By now, you’ve likely heard the term “Internet of Things” (or “IoT”), which describes a world in which nearly every item in our homes and offices is microchipped for identification and tracking purposes. Industry experts have predicted the Internet of Things as an inevitable and forthcoming reality. Asset Panda is uniquely prepared for that phenomenon, with a product that doesn’t just track information; it keeps all stakeholders in constant contact, effectively closing the communication loop and saving organizations significant and measurable time, money and frustration.

Asset Panda is an ecosystem for assets, managing and storing vital information about the equipment on which companies depend. Equipment owners can track where items are and what condition they’re in, and have access to data needed by their accounting and compliance teams. More accurate data, in turn, guards against loss and waste, eliminates guesswork, results in lower property taxes and potentially lower insurance costs, and provides better support for end users. Equipment support staff are better able to track the location and condition of items, including the repair history and make/model/serial number. Finally, customers have round-the-clock access to the status of checked in/out items, receive notifications for required maintenance and communicate easily when an item requires repair or replacement. Clients are entitled to an unlimited number of users.

Regardless of the size of your organization or the volume of fixed assets for which you’re responsible, Asset Panda helps you eliminate costly errors and guesswork, so you can focus your critical resources where they’re most needed.

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