Churches Should Track Fixed Assets, Too

We often don’t think of churches as functioning like business entities. But they do – and that’s why they should track fixed assets.

Asset Tracking Can Affect Donor Funding

Like any organization, churches rely on fixed assets to run their operations smoothly. Those fixed assets include everything from land, buildings and furnishings in their offices and sanctuaries to their libraries, IT equipment, church-owned or church-leased vehicles, school equipment for religious education, and so much more. Churches are in the unique position of being supported in part by congregants and other donors, finance councils, governing boards and other entities. That support requires them to be especially cognizant about the accuracy of their recordkeeping. When churches track fixed assets with an accurate, reliable system, they’re able to provide the kind of transparency and accountability those donors expect.

How Automation Helps Churches Stay Within Budget

At any given time, church leaders need to know exactly what fixed assets they own, what condition those assets are in, and where those items are located, among other details. That information can change at any time. For example, a church-owned tablet or laptop might change hands among staff, move to a classroom on site or be taken to an offsite event. It’s hard enough to track that information in real time even when communication among staff is good. However, when communication among staff is nonexistent or needs improvement, it’s almost inevitable that fixed assets will fall through the cracks, become lost or stolen. Sometimes those losses remain unreported, and the church continues to pay insurance on ghost assets that aren’t even in its inventory anymore. Conducting routine audits is a smart strategy for getting a read on the fixed assets you have, but relying on outdated spreadsheets to do that is an incredibly frustrating exercise.

When churches track fixed assets using a formal platform, they can conduct audits quickly. They can be assured not only that the information they have is accurate, but also that they’re paying insurance only for the assets they have currently. Track fixed assets with a platform, and you’ll also have the convenience of a centralized location for all of your fixed asset data. Instead of combing through filing cabinets, spreadsheets, desk drawers and your email inbox, your asset tracking platform stores the entire lifecycle of your assets, saving you time and hassle. 

It’s easier for churches to stay within their budgets when they can use their asset tracking platforms to remind them of routine equipment maintenance and keep their assets in good working order. They also may check on the complete maintenance history of an item and create work orders. By storing all of the data attached to that asset in the platform, staff members are able to quickly access the item’s warranty information. When it comes time to retire an item, the system gives staff visibility into other available assets or shortages and helps them create an equipment refresh schedule based on real-time information, not guesswork. 

A Customizable, User-Friendly Approach to Asset Tracking

Asset Panda’s flexible, customizable platform makes asset tracking simple even for the most technically challenged employees. Our free mobile app syncs with the cloud, eliminates the need for additional hardware and includes a built-in scanner. Everything your church needs to track and manage your fixed assets is as near as your smartphone or tablet. Software reviews provider Capterra recognized Asset Panda for its ease of use and customizable features, responsive support and all-in-one approach to asset tracking.



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