Furniture Inventory Asset Management Protects Your Investment


You may not have given much thought to furniture inventory asset management – even if you’re a business owner. But that furniture represents a significant investment. There are several scenarios in which furniture inventory asset management platforms can be incredibly useful for any company, particularly large organizations with a large employee base and/or with multiple locations to furnish and maintain.

Who’s responsible for furniture inventory asset management at your organization? Perhaps it’s your office manager or another appointed employee or group of employees. If you’re a larger organization, you may have a facility management team responsible for oversight. Regardless of who’s responsible for the job, having an accurate and reliable platform to manage this task will save you the frustration of missing assets, lost time, and money.

Improve efficiency and organization

To illustrate how a furniture inventory asset management system can vastly improve the efficiency of an organization, let’s consider a college. Furniture isn’t just found in the classroom, administrative offices, the library, or student union. Long before the start of each school year, someone has to assess the inventory of dormitory furniture, and determine whether or not the institution has enough inventory to accommodate new and returning students, and whether inventory is in good condition.

Best practices for making that assessment include first completing an audit of the current inventory. The college will then be able to determine based on real-time, accurate information on what it has, where it’s located, and what kind of condition it’s in. If any additional inventory is needed, the institution can purchase the proper quantity based on facts, not guesswork. And, if any items require repair, refinishing, reupholstery, or some other service, the furniture inventory asset management platform can record those items and even create work orders.

Track warranties and repair

Another invaluable benefit of a furniture inventory asset management platform is the ability to track warranties. Should your assets require repair, your warranties could save you a lot of money. Unfortunately, it’s easy to lose track of those warranties in a random file cabinet or employee’s desk. A formal asset management platform enables you to store those policy details in a centralized location so you never again have to waste your valuable time hunting down policies or paying for repairs you shouldn’t have to cover.

Because ease of use is key to buy-in from your staff, you’ll want a furniture inventory asset management system that’s intuitive and streamlined. Asset Panda’s free mobile iOS and Android apps require no additional hardware to use and include a mobile barcode scanner. Everything you need to track and manage the complete lifecycle of your assets and inventory is as near as the mobile phone or tablet you already carry.

Simple and easy to use

Asset Panda is designed to close the communication loop among asset and inventory stakeholders. There’s no limit to how many users you can add to your account, and the app requires no extensive training. A simple user interface, a completely customizable format, and hassle-free integration with legacy systems make it easy to convert your current processes to the Asset Panda platform. From an item’s current location, condition, and value to its check-in/check-out status, complete maintenance history, and lease/purchase information, Asset Panda puts your asset data in your hands 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And, because the app syncs with the cloud, you can have the confidence to make decisions knowing that your data is current and accurate.


Courtney Roush

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