Why You Need Asset Tracking Software to Manage Room Turnover


No matter how many accommodations you may provide, your rooms are what bring people to your hotel. Having an asset tracking software to track all of the steps involved in room turnover will help you ensure no one room falls below standards.

Setting up a transparent process will help you and your staff know what steps to take and how to accomplish them. Here are some steps that will help you set up a transparent and repeatable process in managing and tracking your rooms.

Set Clear Expectations With Staff

Let your staff know what you expect from them. What standards are a must, and which are just items you’d like to have? While you should have high standards, trying to push your staff too much will lead to dissatisfaction and anger.

Set these expectations in person, and then set up a way for them to access these expectations in writing if they should need a reminder.

Delegate Properly

Even if you’re running a small hotel, you can’t do everything yourself. You rely on managers, housekeepers, and room attendants. Trying to do everything yourself is a surefire way to miss necessary steps in the hospitality your hotel tries so hard to provide. Multiple eyes and sets of hands are needed to make sure all of your guests have what they need.

When assigning duties, task people with responsibilities that make sense to their role. Don’t have housekeepers deal with customer service issues, as that’s not a skill set they possess. Make it clear to your employees what you expect of them and what they need to accomplish in a given day.

Create a Room Checklist

You’ll want a room checklist to manage room turnover between visitors.

Include things often missed, as these will be what your customers find. The more thorough you can be in checking off the rooms, the better.

Here are some items you must have on your checklist:

  • Bed changed and made
  • Fresh towels
  • Disinfected surfaces
  • Drawers and closet cleared
  • Vacuumed floors
  • Things put back in their proper place

Have Multiple People Manage Room Turnover

Once all of the steps in turning over a room are done, you’ll want someone else to look it over to ensure nothing has been missed. If possible, you want not just the person who’s responsibility it is to clean the room, but a supervisor as well. If a supervisor is unavailable, have people with different jobs inspect the room, as they will be looking at it from different angles.

Having multiple people sign off on a room once it’s ready for someone else to stay in it means there are various sets of eyes looking out for potential issues. 

Store Tasks in a Central Database

Once your staff knows what you expect of them, store their tasks and other processes in a central database. Keeping everything in one location means your employees will always know where to look when they get into work. They’ll also know where to access process checklists, and can keep you updated through automated notifications once rooms can accommodate inhabitants.

Once you have a delegated process, make sure you document it in a place where all of your staff can access and refer to it. That way, there’s no confusion about what needs to happen, or how to proceed.


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