ServiceNow Integration

Gain efficiencies and speed up your processes with the Asset Panda and ServiceNow integration. In a business environment full of IT Assets that require provisioning, monitoring, maintenance, upgrading, and decommissioning, you need a holistic view of all your assets, support, and workflows.

The ServiceNow and Asset Panda Integration enables you to:

  • View ServiceNow tickets on the asset record in Asset Panda
  • Import Users and Devices from ServiceNow
  • Automate asset tracking to get asset details with ease and efficiency
  • Generate ServiceNow incidents from Asset Panda actions

      Easily Identify, Monitor, and Manage Assets

      Centralize your asset management process in one integrated toolset with Asset Panda's industry-leading platform and ServiceNow’s digital workflow solution to boost efficiency across your enterprise.

      • Scan your network: Identify assets and import Users and Devices from ServiceNow to ensure you have the most up-to-date information on all your assets.  
      • Easily manage assets and actions: Create tickets and manage assets from ServiceNow and Asset Panda to improve efficiency and reliability.

      Manage Processes and Workflows

      The Asset Panda and ServiceNow integration keeps your workflows running smoothly and limits the need to constantly switch between Asset Panda and ServiceNow - helping you and your staff work smarter.  

      • Generate ServiceNow incidents from Asset Panda actions
      • View full ServiceNow ticket histories and statuses within Asset Panda

      Integration Requirements and Details


      • Active Asset Panda subscription
      • ServiceNow deployment in your organization
        • Network tool setup for scanning devices
      • Admin access to both Service Now and Asset Panda


      The following data can be communicated between Asset Panda and ServiceNow:

      1. User data can be synced from ServiceNow to Asset Panda
      2. Ticket details can be synced from ServiceNow to Asset Panda
      3. Device data can be synced from ServiceNow to Asset Panda
      4. Tickets can be created in ServiceNow from Asset Panda

      The process comes with an easy field mapping tool that ensures all of the device information data goes to the right place in the asset record.

      After activating the integration, devices in ServiceNow can automatically be synced to Asset Panda. New devices can be added as assets in Asset Panda, and changes made to device records in ServiceNow can be synced to mapped fields in Asset Panda.

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