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One of the biggest challenges in the visual production industry is keeping an organized, accurate, and efficient log of every piece of equipment owned. The first challenge is organizing the massive amount of audio and video equipment that is currently in circulation or in storage; which ones are loaned or rented. The second challenge is controlling the amount of people that handles those pieces of equipment. How many hands one single camera goes through any given year? Who is responsible for logging and tracking the location, user, and working condition of each camera, lens, and microphone? Which items are still under warranty and which aren’t? How many items need preventive maintenance or repairs? How many items are not in good working condition and should be replaced and disposed of? Scroll down to read more.

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Those are just some scenarios where having a comprehensive inventory of every single piece of equipment is of extremely important. There are still other circumstances that require a detailed list of every asset along with information regarding their purchase price, depreciation rates, repair costs, and replacement costs. In case of insurance claims for instance, if you cannot provide enough information to prove ownership you may be denied of your claim and therefore not receive payment for your lost audiovisual equipment.


Now that you have a clear picture of the beast you must conquer, don’t panic! The mighty panda will come to your rescue. With Asset Panda AV equipment tracking software, you will be able to slay that monster with your fingertips. It is a very simple process. You will be able to track, manage, and support your AV equipment within one easy to use platform. Track your AV equipment by tagging a barcode to every camera, lens, microphone, peripheral, monitors, etc. Once everything has been accounted for and tagged, use the mobile devices you and your crew already carry and scan every barcode into Asset Panda. The system will create a comprehensive record of every asset, including asset history, photos, videos, and documents related to those assets. After you have set up your account you will be able to run customized audits at any time to have a clear picture of your organization.

With your Asset Panda AV equipment tracking software, every account is a premium account. Which means that every feature comes standard. Enjoy unlimited flexibility, unlimited users, unlimited locations, and unlimited mobile apps downloads. The possibilities with Asset Panda are only limited by your imagination.

With Asset Panda you will…

  • Keep a close eye on every piece of AV equipment you own
  • Know what kind of working condition your AV equipment is
  • Who has which piece of equipment
  • Where your AV equipment is
  • Which AV equipment needs maintenance and when
  • Check in and check out action – organize who and when gets which equipment
  • Reserve specific AV equipment on a precise date
  • Request service and maintenance straight from your mobile device while on location
  • And much more!

Sign-up for a free 14-day trial today! Request a demo from one of our Panda specialist and learn how the Super Panda will optimize your AV equipment tracking process.