Business Asset Software Tracks Landscaping Companies’ Leased Equipment


Why should small businesses like local landscaping companies concern themselves with business asset software now? Many landscaping companies are feeling the financial crunch of COVID-19, with reduced staff, fewer clients, and some states still under lockdown. We’re currently in what used to be the busy season for landscapers. Like all business owners, local landscaping companies are apprehensive about what the summer and fall months will look like.

An Essential Business

In mid-March, Britt Wood, CEO of the National Association of Landscape Professionals, the national trade organization representing the $82 billion U.S. landscape industry, penned a letter urging local governments to regard landscapers as “protectors of public health,” as they perform treatments to outdoor spaces that could harbor mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and other carriers of potentially dangerous and/or deadly diseases. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security agrees, as the organization has referred to landscapers among those are “maintaining the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences, businesses and buildings such as hospitals, senior living facilities, any temporary construction required to support COVID-19 response.”

In addition to their “essential” classification, landscapers are benefiting at least somewhat from the slow reopening of our economy. Many businesses – from restaurants to retail stores to healthcare facilities -- are resuming operations, albeit with reduced hours and staff. The maintenance of their properties remains important to them, as customers’ first impressions can have a direct effect on sales. Landscapers are rolling with the punches and taking jobs where they can.

The Advantages of Leased Equipment - and Reliable Tracking

As always, many of those landscapers rely in part on leased equipment to do their work effectively. Leased equipment is an attractive option for small business owners, as it gives them access to the equipment and tools they need to do the job at hand and saves them the expense of purchasing and maintaining the equipment.

Business asset software can help these small business owners track, monitor and maintain the whereabouts and integrity of that leased equipment. The efficiency that business asset software promotes can help small business owners, in turn, maximize the lifespan of leased equipment, keep it running smoothly, and keep their projects running on schedule without unexpected delays or other potentially costly surprises.

The larger the business, the larger the risk of theft or loss. Landscapers have crews stationed at various locations. Depending upon the protocol of crew members, the security of their respective locations and other factors, leased equipment can be vulnerable to theft. Not only does the landscaping company incur the responsibility and expense associated with that loss; the job could face a delay. Business asset software enables business owners to scan and track leased equipment throughout the entire lease period.

It’s important to note the benefits of business asset software from the other side of the equation: the companies, or “lessors,” who issue the leases. There are numerous opportunities for lessors to lose track of the equipment they’ve issued to landscapers. Additionally, they have to keep track of the maintenance of all equipment and ensure that each item has been properly serviced before leasing. When you’ve got a lot of equipment in your inventory, it’s all too easy for the lines to cross and confusion to set in. Relying on an Excel spreadsheet to track all of these moving parts is a surefire recipe for mistakes.

Asset Panda’s business asset software makes it simple for both lessors and their clients to track and manage leased equipment using the smartphones they already carry. It’s cost-effective, intuitive and requires no special training to master.


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