How to Make Use of Tracking Barcodes in Your Manufacturing Company

Manufacturing operations have been thrown into chaos because of COVID-19. Many operations managers are looking for ways to simplify their process, and tracking barcodes are a great answer to that problem.

Many manufacturing businesses have already been relying on barcodes in their process. However, being aware of all the areas where you can implement a barcode system is a great way to improve your process, and do what you can to meet increasing demands.

Inventory Barcodes Help You Fill Supply Orders

Some manufacturers have lower demand than normal, while others have increased demand but lower raw product to fill them with. Implement barcodes as soon as possible in the process, and you’ll have an automated way to identify breaks in the chain. Having this information available makes it easy to fix the problem ASAP.

Inventory barcodes are a great way to automate the supply order process. Using barcodes is a simple way to input each item of inventory into your system without relying on manual entry.

Once you have each item in your system, you can use barcodes again for pick and pull orders, when you’re ready to ship the final product.

Tracking Barcodes Make Every Aspect of Asset Management Easier

Inventory isn’t the only area of your business that’ll improve by using barcodes. Labeling your assets with barcodes means it’s simply a matter of scanning the label before you can access the relevant information.

Labeling your assets in this way also means you can easily check usage, sanitation measures, and the cost of upkeep.

Asset Barcodes Are Great for Scheduling Equipment Maintenance

When you track all of your equipment via barcodes, you’ll start to collect a large amount of information. Tracking it over time will give you a great idea of when you need to schedule certain pieces of equipment for maintenance. Whether you schedule maintenance based on the number of uses or amount of time that passes, an automated asset tracking system can help you track both methods.

Most systems make it easy for you to automate reminders. If you’re not logged into the system, you can also make it so that the next time someone scans one of your assets after it’s due for maintenance, a pop-up alert will appear. That way, there’s no way you can miss the notification.

Sanitation Measures Are Easy to Implement Around Barcodes

Extra sanitation measures have been put in place in an effort to keep the virus from spreading. Barcode labels come in all sorts of materials. If what you’re using now can’t withstand the sanitation efforts you’ve had to implement, you can find something that does.

Scanning labels is also a contact-free way to get information about your assets and inventory.

Employee Timecards Get Simplified with Barcodes

While most companies have time tracking software for their employees to clock in, barcodes can help simplify the process. Instead of typing login information, employees can swipe a code that’s assigned to them. If you set it up correctly, that’s all they’ll need to do to clock-in, track breaks, and clock-out at the end of the day.

Barcodes are a versatile piece of technology. Implementing them in multiple areas of your business will make it easier for you to meet demand, and track issues in the supply chain. Once you know where the problems are coming from, you can implement a solution and get back to helping your customers.

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