The Benefits of a Mobile Asset Management App


No matter what line of business you’re in, asset management can help your organization save time and boost efficiency. While this is certainly true of a desktop application, a mobile asset management app can even further improve your team’s productivity.

Whether your organization uses fixed desktop computers, or you have field workers traveling between job sites, you may not always have easy access to a web application. But what if your team could download your asset tracking app directly to their phones and still uphold all your processes on the go? You can do all this – and more – with Asset Panda.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of a mobile asset management app and learn more about Asset Panda’s app and built-in barcode scanning technology.

3 Benefits of Mobile Asset Management

  1. Increased efficiency: Whether your field team needs to check out a tool or your warehouse manager is conducting an audit, mobile asset management can help them do so quickly and efficiently. An effective mobile app allows your team to run audits quickly from anywhere and provides additional time savings if it offers built-in barcode scanning. Of course, a user-friendly interface makes mobile asset management even more accessible when your team can intuitively complete workflows in just a few clicks.
  2. Improved accountability: Without proper access to a computer on a job site, a field worker may say, “I’ll check this equipment out later,” in an effort to save time. But, of course, it’s easy to forget to complete the specific task later or exactly which asset they used, leading to inaccurate data. With an easily accessible mobile app, though, your employees can get that time back, and you can hold your team members accountable.
  3. Better data accuracy: When you know your entire team is following the correct processes, whether they’re in the office or on a job site, you’ll improve the accuracy of your asset estate data. Not to mention, a mobile app with built-in barcode scanning helps you more effectively conduct audits and avoid manual entry errors. With a quick and efficient mobile audit process, you can run these audits more frequently to ensure your data is as up-to-date as possible.

      How Asset Panda’s Mobile Asset Audit App Works

      Now that you understand the primary benefits of mobile asset management, let’s take a look at how Asset Panda’s mobile asset app works.

      Built-In Barcode Scanning

      While Asset Panda’s mobile app has the same functionality as our web app, it offers one additional feature to further enhance your team’s productivity: built-in barcode scanning technology. This built-in barcode scanner not only saves you money on third-party scanning equipment but saves your team a lot of time in their asset management processes. Now, you can avoid manual asset searches or checkout processes and simply scan the right item to bring its record up in seconds. And with unlimited users, your entire team can update asset records and perform actions from anywhere, anytime.

      To help you more accurately track the location of your assets, the Asset Panda mobile app also registers the GPS coordinates of an item at the time it’s scanned. This, coupled with time stamps, gives you a clear picture of an asset’s status. Plus, you can later filter your reports on these time stamps to understand when an item was last scanned and whether it’s time to confirm its status again.

      Mobile Audits and Inspections

      On top of helping your team manage everyday processes, Asset Panda’s mobile app also helps you efficiently conduct fixed asset audits and inspections. Managers can easily configure and schedule the audits they want to be completed and then assign them to a team member. The team member then scans the corresponding barcodes (no need for manual entry!), and the manager receives an audit report that shows any discrepancies in the actual versus expected asset count. With a more efficient process in place, you can schedule audits more frequently to keep your asset estate data as accurate as possible.

      The Asset Panda mobile app also allows your team members to safely and efficiently conduct inspections. With a checklist right at their fingertips, they no longer need to worry about carrying around a bulky laptop or finding a safe place to put it down when inspecting equipment. This allows your team to boost productivity and ensure inspections are happening regularly to keep your tools and equipment in working order.


      When it comes to mobile asset management, there’s no denying the power of having your entire asset estate at your fingertips. If you’re looking for a powerful solution with built-in barcode scanning technology, we’re here to help.

      Asset Panda’s comprehensive software allows you to easily manage your assets on both web and mobile. Plus, our easily customizable platform matches your existing naming conventions and workflows, so there’s no need to change the way you work.

      If you’re ready to easily manage your asset estate from anywhere, request your Asset Panda demo today.

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