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According to Investopedia, a business is defined as “an organization or enterprising entity engaged in commercial, industrial or professional activities.” It also states that a business is an organized effort to produce and sell goods/services for profit.

While every industry has different methods to achieve this definition, one thing is certain: you need assets to make it happen. The only question is how do you manage them so they make your business a success?

If your answer involves a spreadsheet, it’s time to rethink how you run your business. Using a spreadsheet to track your assets is kind of like using a toothpick to butter your bread. Yes, you might find a little dab of success, but quickly realize you’re using the wrong tool for the job.

Whether you’re in healthcare or merchant wholesaling, spreadsheets are notoriously unreliable for asset tracking. Every time someone updates and saves it, there’s a strong possibility that your data becomes flawed and inaccurate.

This is because you can’t track the changes if multiple users have access. You could potentially overwrite someone else’s data and never even realize it.

Even worse is the possibility that only one person has access. If they’re out of the office or leave the company, no one can access the asset data and that could spell huge problems for your business, regardless of your industry.

However, the biggest deficiency with a spreadsheet solution is that there are no process or workflow actions associated with it. There are:

  • No event-driven notifications
  • No prompts for real-time updates
  • No step-by-step processes
  • No assistance in guaranteeing all necessary data is input

Every industry has different asset tracking needs- from tracking individual ink cartridges to large moving trucks; your asset management solution should reflect those needs.

When you operate your asset tracking on a spreadsheet, it is challenging to get the specific view or data points your unique organization needs. Thankfully, Asset Panda offers customized solutions for nearly every industry, including:

Industry Focus: Merchant Wholesalers

Get Better Insight into Your Inventory With Barcode Asset Tracking Software

With an ever-increasing dependence on goods delivery, merchant wholesalers need more insight into their inventory than ever before. As they bridge the gap between the manufacturers that produce the goods and retail companies that sell them directly to the public, wholesalers are responsible for ensuring that orders are met and retail companies have the products they need to meet the demand of their customers.

This is a question of logistics. If a wholesaler’s supply chain is spread out too thin or their inventory gets too complicated, they’ll have a difficult time locating the assets they need to satisfy their orders.

With an asset management solution like Asset Panda, you can create a send/receive process that helps you:

  • Know where all of your inventory is stored
  • Request assets to be moved from one warehouse to another
  • Track the assets in transit through regular scan-ins when they arrive at checkpoints

Save both time and money by having better control and insight into your inventory and supply chain.

Industry Focus: Healthcare

Protect Your Patients and Your Practice With Medical Tracking Software

Anyone in the medical field knows that you have to be extremely diligent at all times. Any mistakes could cause serious harm costing you a lot of money.

Asset Panda can help keep your medical equipment safe and up-to-date with push notifications that alert you when it’s time to calibrate or inspect it. Create action-dependent safeguards that flag equipment if it’s due for maintenance, labeling it as out-of-service until it is cleared for further use.

Industry Focus: Support Services

Our Customizable Asset Tracking Solutions Support Every Industry

Generally speaking, support services cover a variety of departments within an organization and Asset Panda can help each of them:

  • Human resources - Know where your staff members are based and document their employment record including start date, pay rate, certification, training and commendations.
  • Finance - Use Asset Panda to confirm payments and delivery of purchases through our intuitive and configurable system.
  • Information Technology - Track and manage business-critical laptops, desktops, and tablets so you can maintain their security and support them if they stop functioning properly.

No matter the size of your company or the industry you work in, Asset Panda can help you with a number of important tasks.

Learn more about how Asset Panda can fold into your industry’s unique asset tracking needs; see Asset Panda in action today.

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