The Benefits of Onboarding and Customer Support in Asset Management


Buying new software is an equally exciting and nerve-wracking time. You’re looking forward to the possibility of streamlining your workflows and boosting efficiency, all while wondering if the benefits will outweigh the cost. Will implementation go as smoothly as the vendor promises? Will your team adopt the solution as planned? Will you be able to show positive ROI to leadership?

No matter which questions you ask yourself as you prepare to invest in a new software solution, onboarding and support are key factors to consider as a B2B buyer. Asset management software is no exception, and customer support is especially important when it comes to customizing and integrating your platform. With the proper onboarding and support, your organization can effectively implement your asset management strategy and boost efficiency and productivity.

Let’s take a look at the overall benefits of onboarding and customer support, as well as the various kinds of support Asset Panda offers.

Key Benefits of Onboarding and Customer Support in Asset Management

With the right customer support options, your team will have a much smoother onboarding experience. Here are three specific benefits you’ll see with proper onboarding and support as you build your asset management program:

  • Easy platform configuration: When you partner with implementation experts to help configure your platform, you’ll quickly set up an effective asset management program. Whether you want to customize naming conventions and workflows or set up integrations to unify your tech stack, the right onboarding team can help.
  • Fast time to value: When your entire team receives the onboarding it needs to navigate your asset management platform, you’ll be able to get up and running quickly. With your entire team on board, you’ll soon begin streamlining workflows and saving time and resources, leading to fast ROI.
  • Quick resolution of issues: If you ever run into issues or questions with your asset management program, you can resolve them quickly alongside a team of experts rather than taking extra time to investigate and fix things on your own.

Asset Panda’s Onboarding and Customer Support Offerings

When choosing the right asset management software, it’s essential to find a provider that will help you set up your platform, onboard your team, and resolve any issues throughout your customer journey. Asset Panda is proud to offer all this and more – let’s look at our various support options that help set your asset management program up for success.

      Comprehensive Implementation and Onboarding

      Asset Panda helps you configure your custom asset management platform and train your team, all on your timeline. Our implementation experts can help with anything from customization (e.g., configuring groups to match your unique naming conventions; building workflows that match your existing processes) to integrations (with top service desks, device managers, and more) so you can build a comprehensive, centralized platform. Plus, we provide training for your entire team so everyone can get on the same page and up to speed quickly.

      24/7 Support via Email

      Once you’ve completed the onboarding process, you’re not alone! Our team is committed to supporting you throughout the entirety of your customer journey, which is why we offer support 24/7 via email. We guarantee a response within 24 hours so you can quickly resolve any questions or issues and keep your asset management program running smoothly.

      Knowledge Center

      While our support team is always available to you, we understand that some people prefer to research things on their own first. That’s why we also offer a robust Knowledge Center with videos and step-by-step tutorials for every single aspect of Asset Panda.


      It’s no secret that onboarding and customer support are key to the success of your asset management program and your peace of mind. Whether you’re just getting started or a long-standing customer, Asset Panda has various support options to help you build an effective asset management platform.

      If you’re an existing Asset Panda customer, you can always reach out to [email protected] or visit our Knowledge Center for assistance.

      If you’re not yet a customer but ready to streamline your asset management workflows, request your demo today.

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