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Google Asset Management uses cloud-based services to manage both users and fixed assets. Companies are finding that Google’s cloud-based services, like Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite), are streamlining processes, facilitating better communication among stakeholders, and improving project workflows.

Google Workspace is among the popular integrations Asset Panda has added to its offering to help clients establish best practices and more effectively track and manage their assets, ensuring that the assets they need are in the right place at the right time. Asset Panda provides a streamlined platform for asset tracking, including a variety of basic configurations optimized and suitable for specific use cases. But clients ranging from small businesses to large organizations also work with our team to configure the platform to meet their specific goals and needs.

For the uninitiated, Google Workplace is a package of cloud-based services that can provide your organization with a whole new way to work. Google Workspace has a loyal following of users who tout its ease of use and collaborative functionalities and features. Specifically, it helps companies conduct their work anytime, anywhere through its cloud capabilities, mobile integration and user and device management capabilities. It streamlines a lot of processes and, ultimately, raises the bar on your efficiency while it saves you and your employees time. Multiple employees are able to access and edit documents at the same time. Users can see in real-time the changes that others are making to a document, instead of engaging in a confusing back and forth about which version of the document is the latest or whether all changes have been incorporated. Google Workspace also provides each client organization with a single account, giving users access to everything – Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Drive, Google Slides, Google Meet and Google Forms – all through a single point of entry. This vastly simplifies what could be a confusing interface.

Google Workspace is easily integrated with many asset management apps, including Asset Panda. When enabled, Asset Panda users and administrators gain a powerful set of advanced tools for syncing users between the systems, connecting users to assets, and getting an enhanced view of the lifecycle of connected Chrome devices.

With the Asset Panda integration, customers are able to use the Google Directory to retrieve and manage users, create employee records and leverage SSO (single sign-on). Asset Panda customers who utilize the Google Workspace integration enjoy access to three applications: Google Device Manager, Google Mobile Management, and Google Directory. Let’s take a look at each of these applications and find out what makes them attractive to companies:

Google Device Manager

This app allows users to manage their Google Chrome devices from a single location. Perhaps most significantly, Google Device Manager enables administrators to add all of their Chrome devices at one time, versus adding them one by one, so the time savings associated with this app can be quite significant. With the Google Workspace integration with Asset Panda, users can quickly add all of their Chrome devices into our asset tracking platform and even gain the ability to and activate, deactivate or deprovision any of them if desired while in the Asset Panda app. When combined with our powerful role-based user security settings, anyone in an organization can work in a one-stop shop for asset provisioning, repair tracking, end-of-life replacement, disposal, and more.

Google Mobile Management

This app lets administrators secure, monitor and manage mobile devices throughout their respective organizations. Additionally, users may customize these management processes across device types and to user groups. With Asset Panda, users have the assurance that the mobile asset data they’re viewing is in real time. Google Mobile Management simultaneously populates data through Asset Panda, allowing for seamless synchronization. Users may also push mobile device updates and approvals from the Asset Panda tool out to their networks. To demonstrate the value of Google Mobile Management, consider how often IT asset theft occurs. In the event an employee’s company-issued mobile device is stolen, administrators have the power to wipe data from that device remotely.

Google Directory

This feature is focused on user management. Google Directory makes it easy to retrieve and manage user information. The term “user” here may include everyone who’s ever interacted with your organization. Needless to say, managing a volume of data that substantial can be incredibly tedious and potentially error-prone without the aid of user management tools like Google Directory. In addition to saving administrators time and headache, this feature allows for Single Sign On (or SSO), which means users can sync over users from their Google accounts into Asset Panda and login with the same credentials. That functionality, in turn, greatly simplifies user password management by streamlining the process of how you approve and revoke access to your system.

The Google Workspace integration is just one way Asset Panda gives clients the power to track and manage their fixed assets any way they want. Asset Panda offers customized solutions for fixed asset, IT, tool, maintenance, inventory, facilities, and leased equipment tracking in addition to powerful mobile auditing features.

Clients can further customize their asset tracking experience through configurations including custom reports, custom groups, field requirements, workflow actions, notifications and action-based forms.

An asset management system is one of the smartest investments any organization, large or small, can make. Keeping your finger on the pulse of your fixed assets prevents unexpected equipment breakdowns and delays, therefore helping your company maintain productivity; curbs theft and loss, which can cost companies millions each year; eliminates human error, which is all too common with manual data entry; promotes accountability and, ultimately, can keep morale high. IT asset management and IT service management are among the most critical components of fixed asset management, as the potential costs of information technology mismanagement are very high.

Perhaps the best aspect of Asset Panda’s asset management platform and Google Workspace integration is that it’s accessible on an ongoing basis 24 hours a day, seven days a week in real-time via the mobile devices you and your employees already carry. With its built-in scanner, the Asset Panda app enables users to add new hardware and software assets as well as supporting images, documents and more; conduct audits; create reports; generate work orders; monitor software license usage and compliance, and so much more. Asset Panda is a powerful tool that helps you establish consistent processes, eliminate shadow IT, work with software vendors more effectively, greatly reduce security risks, maximize the life cycle of each of your assets, and realize cost savings.

To learn more about how Asset Panda can help you better track and manage your assets and create smart business practices, the first step is simple. Just get a demo today.


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