What Are IT Assets?


What are IT assets? IT assets are likely the biggest-ticket items an organization must purchase to keep business running smoothly. But they not only carry a hefty price tag. They also carry considerable risk due to the sensitivity of the data typically stored on them and the fact that these items are often on the move.

Some common examples of IT assets include:

  • Laptops and computers
  • Mice
  • Keyboards
  • Software licenses
  • Printers
  • Monitors
  • Servers
  • Drives

But that's not all. Each company is different and will have a different IT asset inventory.

The importance of tracking IT assets and devices

Consider a mobile phone, for example. Several, if not all, of your employees may carry a company-issued mobile phone. A phone may sit unattended in an office while an employee pops down the hall. It may accompany an employee to a conference room, a restaurant, a hotel, or an off-site meeting.

The employee may have forgotten something in the car or on an airplane. The possibilities for loss and theft are near endless, putting you at risk for lost revenue and compromised security.

Or, let's say you're an organization with multiple departments and/or locations. You have a budget for IT assets and want to allocate them according to need. You may have company-owned equipment that is loaned out to staff on an as-needed basis. To manage all of these expensive items effectively, you need an IT asset tracking system that allows you to see your inventory of IT assets as a whole and individually.

Why you need an IT asset management system

You need a system that enables you to communicate with every stakeholder involved in the lifecycle of an asset, as it moves from employee to employee, as it's serviced by staff or an outside company. You need a way to access such vital information as an IT asset's insurance policy and expiration date, maintenance history, and check-in/check-out status at any time.

You don't want to be limited as to how many stakeholders you can bring into the conversation. If you maximize the lifespan of each of your IT assets, you need to close the communication loop and increase accountability throughout your organization. And Asset Panda's IT asset management software allows you to do just that – simply and cost-effectively.

Asset Panda's ITAM software

Asset Panda's free mobile app, available for both iOS and Android devices, offers the most streamlined yet powerful way to track your assets any way you want. It's a system that adapts to how you work, not vice versa.

No additional hardware or software is required – only the mobile devices you already carry or use the web app if you prefer. It's quick and easy to import and export data from the app, create your own reports, and customize your data in a way that makes sense for you. Best of all, Asset Panda is flexible enough to adjust as your needs change in the future. Our complete features offering is available to all our customers, and you can add as many users as you'd like at no additional charge.

This mobile platform requires no special training to master; it's incredibly intuitive. In the palm of your hand, you can create a work order, track depreciation figures, establish custom security settings, customize asset listing views, and create notifications and alerts – for example, a reminder that maintenance is due on one of your IT assets, or that an insurance policy is about to expire. You can also create and email:

  • custom reports
  • perform calculations
  • create custom forms, 
  • and link data groups if you wish. 


Everything you need to maintain and manage your assets is as near as your phone or tablet, and because the app syncs with the cloud, your data is in real-time, 24 hours a day.

You've invested in your IT assets. Protect that investment with the world's most powerful, flexible, and simple-to-use mobile asset tracking platform. To begin your free 14-day trial, book a demo with one of our ITAM experts (no card required)!

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