The Benefits of Unifying Your Tech Stack with Integrations


No matter what line of business you’re in, you likely use at least a few different software applications every single day. From email platforms and CRMs to service desks and beyond, even the simplest tasks are backed by software now. While it’s exciting to have so many powerful tools at your fingertips, it is equally challenging to ensure you’re not creating data silos between these various applications. This is why unifying your tech stack through integrations is essential.

Let’s dive into the benefits of integrating your tech stack and how to centralize your asset estate data with Asset Panda integrations.

3 Key Benefits of Integrations

There are many benefits to integrating your various software applications, especially for enterprise organizations with larger tech stacks. No matter the size of your business, here are the top 3 benefits of integrations:  

  1. Increased efficiency: A siloed tech stack requires a lot of manual effort to create one holistic view of multiple data sources. This is not only a tedious and inefficient process for you but a poor use of time and resources for your organization. When your various software applications work together, though, you’ll see a tremendous increase in efficiency and time savings.
  2. Streamlined processes: Integrating your technologies not only increases efficiency but also helps you streamline processes. For example, you can often automate workflows between different applications so that they send relevant data back and forth to each other. This virtually eliminates any manual effort in your workflows and ensures that your data is flowing consistently.
  3. Centralized data: When your technologies are all in sync and constantly communicating with one another, you’ll finally have a single source of truth for your data. With everything in one centralized place, your data will be consistent across your tech stack so you can easily pull reports from just one application in record time.  

      How to Unify Your Tech Stack with Asset Panda

      While integrations are beneficial no matter the kind of software applications you’re using, they’re especially helpful when trying to keep tabs on your asset estate in real time. When you implement Asset Panda at the core of your tech stack, you can create one centralized place for your asset estate data and automate workflows to improve data consistency and efficiency.  

      Asset Panda offers various kinds of integrations to help you keep your asset data up to date, including: 

      • Service desks: Zendesk, Jira ITSM, Service Now 
      • Directories: Microsoft Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, Google Admin (Google Workspace) 
      • Device management tools: Jamf, Cisco Meraki, Android Device Manager, Microsoft Intune, Google Device Manager, Microsoft System Center (Microsoft SCCM), Kandji 
      • Auto-discovery tools: Lansweeper 
      • Single sign-on providers: Okta, OneLogin, any SAML 2.0 
      • Professional services automation software: ConnectWise Manage 
      • Electronic signature software: DocuSign 
      • File transfer: SFTP 

      On top of our current integration offerings, we’re always working with our customers to add new ones to our roadmap to help you further unify your tech stack. You can easily see which integrations you have set up in your Asset Panda account under Settings > Integrations. 

      If you want to retrieve or send data to an application we don’t currently integrate with, Asset Panda also has a REST API. This allows two applications to talk to each other across the Internet using API calls. View our REST API documentation to learn all about the Asset Panda API and to generate your access token.


      Whether you’re looking to create service tickets directly in Asset Panda or sync all your employee data from your active directory, our wide range of integrations can help you do that and so much more.  

      If you’re a current Asset Panda customer looking to integrate with any of the above technologies, please reach out to [email protected] to get started. 

      Not yet an Asset Panda customer? If you’re ready to create a single source of truth for your asset data, request your demo today!

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