Allied Protection Experiences a “True Asset Panda Moment!”

Security firm Allied Protection has incorporated Asset Panda into a number of practices within the company and is seeing instant results.

Asset Panda Solutions:

  • Time savings
  • Mobile app
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Time & attendance tracking
  • Improved asset management
  • Accurate and timely reporting
  • Asset tracking over multiple locations
  • Elimination of outdated tracking methods

Time saved since implementation: approximately 2 hours a day

Customer since: Summer 2017

Allied Protection Services, Inc. (APS) is a professional, full-service company providing corporate/industrial and personal security to a diverse group of clients including individuals, corporate complexes, commercial and residential businesses, hospitals and medical facilities, medical clinics, financial institutions, colleges and universities, residential complexes, theater complexes, sporting facilities and events, and public offices.

Based in Los Angeles, we have one primary location with a number of offsite locations in 5 different states. There are many vital assets being used by over 180 employees and keeping track of them the “old fashioned way” … aka excel spreadsheets … was not working.

Since implementing Asset Panda just over 5 months ago, I am already saving approximately 2 hours a day on asset tracking and management operations. The software has allowed us to be much more efficient. We now know exactly where everything is, where it’s going and who is responsible for it … right down to the mouse on every desk!

Asset Panda is being used for a multitude of different tasks that excel could never handle. Besides using it for general equipment tracking, we use it to track vehicle mileage, registration, permits, maintenance and driver tracking. We are also configuring it to assist with our time and attendance procedures by using it as a back up to our ADP time clock. Definitely not something we ever could have done with a standard spreadsheet!

I recently had what I’d call a “true Asset Panda moment.” The CEO asked for a report regarding our company vehicles. Thanks to Asset Panda, I was able to compile the report with the necessary data (which was up-to-date and in real time), print it and present it in less than five minutes! All of the information needed was right there at my fingertips. That type of delivery and service is exactly what we expected from Asset Panda and well worth the investment.

We are very happy clients because of Asset Panda. From sales to service, we have been taken care of like royalty. The product is top-notch and has delivered for us every time we need it.

– Daryl Jackson, Asset & Materials Coordinator

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