Asset Management

Company: Quality Counts, LLC
Client Name: John Goodwin
Client Title: Operations Support
Industry: Transportation Data Collection Services

Our company, Quality Counts, is a full service traffic data collection firm with 18 locations across 10 states. Before we implemented Asset Panda’s asset management software in 2015, equipment was constantly being transferred from office to office and we were not able to accurately track our assets or control where our equipment was and in what condition. Our staff was using a virtually-shared Excel sheet to track who had what, and that Excel sheet took at least 10 minutes to load every time you wanted to use it to find a piece of equipment or enter data about the inventory. With everyone on a time schedule, people simply didn’t have 10 minutes to wait for the sheet to load. As a result, staff was not updating information about the equipment accurately and we ended up with missing equipment and time lost trying to track down our unaccounted for assets.

Enter Asset Panda and their suite of cloud software, we now have employed a fixed asset tracking system, giving us control and real-time data on our inventory. We utilize both the online and mobile versions of the software. It has been a seamless process to work between the two applications depending on the needs to manage our assets and view the graphical data featured in the dashboard with the online version, or do group transfers of equipment using the barcode feature with the mobile application in the field.

The dashboard has been especially useful in our daily work and asset tracking data. We are able to get an accurate visual representation from the bar graphs of our equipment and can even install filters to exclude broken equipment or inventory that is no longer in use, giving us a precise representation of what’s in use and where it is. The barcode scanner is also proving to be a dramatic time saver with instant, real-time updates on our equipment for our staff to see system-wide, in lieu of the time-draining and often inaccurate Excel sheet.

I also must say that the customer service provided by Asset Panda is phenomenal. I have never had a bad experience when I’ve needed assistance with the software. They are responsive to feedback and have even implemented some processes based on suggestions we’ve submitted on how the software might be even more useful.

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