From 0 to Hero – How Asset Panda Changed the Way A High-End Rental Company, Go Rentals, Tracks Assets

High-end car rental company Go Rentals had no method in place to track assets and realized how much they needed the services and features of Asset Panda.  

Asset Panda Solutions:

  • Check in/check out status
  • Asset tracking over multiple locations
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Inventory management

Customer since: February 2018

Go Rentals is a family-owned business that was founded by two brothers two decades ago. What started as a small company with a niche in passenger vans has quickly grown into the only high-end rental car company catering to the private jet industry and fine hotels. We have locations in 8 states across the U.S. and service to over 40 airports and various fine hotels.

Go Rentals rents out high-end vehicles such as Porches, Mercedes, and Ferraris which of course need to be tracked and kept up within our inventory at all times. We also have other company-used items such as cell phones, laptops, computers and even some select furniture items that need to be tracked as well. Just as our cars are being moved from place to place, these other smaller items are also being transferred to our various locations and employees throughout the U.S.

The problem we encountered when it came to tracking our assets is that we were not tracking them at all! We had no working knowledge of where assets, who had them, when they were to be returned, to any of our offices, or what kind of condition they were in. Due to the nature of our business and the clientele we are working with daily, we desperately needed a better way to keep up with what we had and be able to reference that data at any given time.

 Asset Panda has given us that knowledge and so much more. We now know what assets we have and how they are allocated to. Guesswork is no longer a viable practice, and our over 247 employees are more accountable and efficient in how we track all of our vital assets.

Because Asset Panda was the first method we ever used to track our assets, it was essential to all of our users that the app’s interface would be easy to understand and the features would work with us as we needed them to. From the moment an asset is entered into Asset Panda, we have instant knowledge at any point in time where it is. Users can immediately enter data about any particular asset, and it’s accessible any time from anywhere.

It used to be that if we had to transfer an asset from one place to another, or from one employee to another, no one had any way of knowing that the transaction took place and where the asset went. Thanks to Asset Panda, we can quickly enter details of the transfer into the app, and any employee can track the entire lifecycle of that asset and know precisely where it is and who has it.

Our clients have a high expectation about the service and products we deliver. We don’t have time to spend searching for missing or misplaced assets when we should be instead focusing our efforts on providing top-notch care to our clients and their needs. Asset Panda is saving us on average two hours a day when it comes to our asset tracking efforts. Two hours! That’s valuable time we are now able to allocate elsewhere in the business.

The customer service team at Asset Panda has been very responsive and they’ve helped us deal with any difficulties we encountered immediately. Asset Panda has made a definite impact on our daily asset tracking actions and it’s hard to imagine how we ever got along without it!

– Margaret Jones, Corporate Operations Coordinator

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