Asset Tracking for Executive Recruitment Firms

The Lucas Group is North America’s premier executive recruiting agency, serving mid-tier to Fortune 500 clients. With teams of recruitment experts across the country, our broad reach works across all major industries and functionalities to find and place the talent that propels financial value for our clients’ company or firm.

In my position, I am responsible for implementing asset tracking and management software for IT equipment and creating standard operating procedures for locations nationwide. In our industry, inventory control and ensuring our team has the right equipment in optimal working condition at all times is key. Thanks to Asset Panda, I have been able to create an inventory list of all IT equipment used at our 15 offices throughout the United States and tag all of our assets. Whether I’m using the mobile app or online, having the functionality to import assets directly into Asset Panda has been most helpful and makes the process of knowing what we have, where it is and its status very easy to access.

IT assets can be quite expensive so having Asset Panda as our primary tool to keep up with the pieces that are constantly on the move has been especially useful. As equipment becomes outdated or is no longer relevant, we can track the accumulated depreciation of an asset and pull it when it’s no longer viable for employees to use.

-Michael Puleo, IT Auditor

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