Asset Tracking in Higher Education and Community Colleges

The College of DuPage is a community college that strives to be an educational and economic agent of change for the residents it serves.

Based in Glen Ellyn, IL, the College of DuPage is a community college with a far-reaching impact. With a steady eye on regional, national and international developments, College of DuPage is an educational and economic agent of change for the residents it serves. As is common with the majority of educational facilities, asset management plays a very important role, especially when it comes to equipment used in the various schools and departments. Within the Liberal Arts Department, there are numerous assets that need to be tracked and managed, from IT equipment to art supplies and motion picture/television equipment to theater lighting. All of these tools are in constant use either by students or faculty and they each play an important role for all who use them.

Before migrating to Asset Panda, we were using a weaker product to track our assets that did not use a relational database. With such a large number of assets in use, we now can better manage all of our assets and the subsequent distribution to students and faculty in a more timely and efficient manner. The most useful feature for us has been the prevention of multiple checkouts of the same bar code item thanks to the relational database structure. There’s no more guesswork in locating an asset or its check-in/checkout status. With one barcode assigned to each asset, we have up-to-date data on each individual asset that is viewable at any time, from anywhere.

Most of our assets are located in one central location, so we are primarily using the online functionality of Asset Panda from our desktops. But we’ve seen the value of the mobile app and anticipate that as more assets need to be tracked, we can also make use of the mobile version as needed out among the campus.

We are still new users to Asset Panda, so we are working on the implementation of the platform into our daily operations. It’s our hope that after a full year of use, we will see an impact on how the software affects our bottom line. Additionally, it’s a goal that by using Asset Panda, we notice our employees are able to save a measurable amount of time during the day that they would normally spend trying to track an asset down or enter data into an outdated system.

- Glenn Glinke, Program Support Specialist


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