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The users have spoken! When searching for an asset tracking system you can find any number of tools on the market that fit what you’re looking for. But sometimes the information presented can simply be overwhelming. There comes a time in your search process that you want to hear from real users and their real experiences with the product – both the pros and cons. Marketing materials are created to sell, that’s no secret. But hearing from those who are actively using a product can really tell the story on if the product is truly right for you and your business. So instead of selling you right away on all the features that Asset Panda has and how it’s a game-changer in the world of asset tracking, read the asset tracking reviews from those who know best … our customers. These are real reviews from real people.

“Asset Panda is excellent asset management software for any business seeking to manage fixed assets affordably in the cloud. With its universal training and tech support, and unlimited users, roles, and locations, it will appeal to larger or multinational companies.”

“It has been a great experience from start to finish. Customer Service has been very responsive to all of our questions. I like the mobile app that comes along with it. It was very easy to go around tagging assets and using my phone to load the details of the assets. The app was very easy to use.”

“My experience with the software as well as the app has been great. The deep customization has allowed my company to tailor the software to our exact needs. Customer service, from initial contact about a trial account to company roll-out (2 months) and beyond, has been exceptional.”

“This is great software for tracking assets. It is very user friendly and exceptionally cost-effective relative to doing this manually or in a spreadsheet!”

“We've been using Asset Panda for the last (one) year and we have been very satisfied with our experience with it. The software is very intuitive and has a user-friendly interface. The menu is very easy to navigate. There are regular updates and the customer service is excellent. We have become much more efficient and productive on our work. We have few locations around the globe where we have assets and Asset Panda gives us the ability to keep track on all of them and manage them in a way that allow us to achieve our goals with less efforts and higher efficiency.”

“Asset Panda is a great value! We are a small company that doesn't need to track thousands of assets. Asset Panda's cost structure scales down to match our needs. So we get the best of both worlds, all the features and functions of a large enterprise asset management system, without the ridiculous cost. Asset Panda was quick to setup. With the mobile app, we were able to inventory all physical assets in an afternoon, with pictures and descriptions. While not yet a power user, we were able to customize the assets to track software licenses on workstations and servers as well as create reports needed to satisfy the local tax man.”

“Asset Panda is simple asset management with all the features you need to track any type of asset. Custom fields, calendaring and notifications allow customisation and automation of a lot of what used to be manual processes. We have built exactly the system we need rather that what someone else thought we needed.”

“After using legacy-style asset tracking software that required expensive barcode readers and database management, Asset Panda was like a breath of fresh air. Other cloud-based asset tracking software I investigated did not feel as modern or intuitive as Asset Panda does. The user interface is very attractive and responsive, the unlimited user accounts are so helpful to democratize the work needed for robust asset management, the configurability in the system means you can do almost anything tracking related in the software, the cloud-based platform means no database management, and the customer service is out of this world.”

“I have recommended Asset Panda to anyone who will listen, and would continue to do so!”

The reviews keep rolling in, and our customers agree, Asset Panda is the only asset tracking software you need! Whether online or through our Mobile App, Asset Panda’s intuitive interface makes it easy to work from anywhere, on devices you’re already using. That means everyone in your organization has quick and easy on-demand access to everything they need to know about your assets. With unlimited fields and configurability, Asset Panda can change as your needs change so that it’s always the perfect platform to meet goals or solve problems—about any number of assets and for any sized company, in any industry.

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