Christopher Andrews, IT Director, Wilson County Sheriff's Office

“Here at the department, we found ourselves facing a major issue. With the agency adopting a more cutting edge approach to operations via technology, an influx of new hardware and systems soon followed. While all of this technology definitely made a massive difference in how the department operated, it also created new issues when it came to handling these assets on a daily basis.

At this point, we had to find a better way to track and manage all of this technology, so we turned to Asset Panda. As IT director, I needed a system that was easy to use, fast, reliable, and adaptable to my needs. Adding in the fact that we were upgrading and rolling on this technology in real-time just made the process of picking the right system even more daunting. Thankfully, Asset Panda delivered in a big way. The iOS app synced up great with our Apple devices and made the jump to a better asset management approach a breeze.

Another wonderful part of the process was getting to work with Rex personally. Along with the Asset Panda team, he offered support and listened to our suggestions to help tailor the app to fit our needs and better handle the governmental workflow in general. By listening and acting on these suggestions and discussion, the Asset Panda team delivered us a great platform that far exceeded our expectations. The rest of the asset management world should take note, because this app is an up and coming star in the industry.”

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