From Out in the Field to the Corporate Office, Asset Panda Is Making Asset Tracking More Efficient and Accurate for Sancon Commissioning

Canadian oil and gas commissioning firm Sancon Commissioning was looking for way to track their assets in a more efficient and accurate manner.

Asset Panda Solutions:

  • Check in/check out status
  • Mobile audit
  • Barcode generator
  • Customized reporting
  • Asset tracking over multiple locations
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Customized notifications

Customer since: January 2018

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Sancon Commissioning was founded in 2005 on the fundamental belief that the on and off shore oil and gas industry needed a better, more comprehensive solution to resolve inefficiencies and costly overruns that were primarily due to ineffective commissioning practices.

Sancon has hundreds of expensive assets that are shipped between multiple project sites from Canada all the way to the Bahamas. In order to assist our customers in the most accurate and cost-effective way, our equipment is frequently sent out for repair or calibration, ensuring that it is ready for any job, anywhere it’s needed. With so much back and forth action, tracking our assets to ensure they are readily available for our crews out in the field or are in optimal working condition is a necessary task in our daily operations.

We’ve been using Asset Panda for about 9 months now. Our previous method to track assets was via a database and it simply did not work very well. Since integrating our asset database into Asset Panda, we have become more efficient and accurate in our overall tracking capabilities.

There is no doubt that Asset Panda has made our asset tracking efforts easier. Our field management team is able to assign assets to individuals, which is creating greater accountability across the board. We can run up-to-date reports to show equipment available from the central warehouse. There is no more searching for equipment or wondering when a certain asset was checked out or will be returned. We are also able to manage test equipment calibrations and set up renewal reminder notifications.

Our teams are continuously using the mobile app in the field. The can log on anytime, from anywhere, using their own handheld device and get all the necessary data on any asset recorded in Asset Panda, including a full maintenance history. The barcoding feature makes it easy for all of our team to send and receive information on an asset.

From an administrative/accounting side, Asset Panda is proving to be a beneficial tool. We can conduct periodic audits to ensure equipment is not lost and we have a working and accurate knowledge of what assets we have and where they are. And because all of the data is stored in one central location and is accessible to all allocated users, management is able to see that audits are being conducted as well. The data collected enables us to do important comparisons for billing and budgeting. We are able to make more educated decisions on how our assets are being used and if they are useful for our business practices and our clients. Guesswork is a thing of the past.

Asset Panda is fairly intuitive to use and understand. With the help of their fantastic support team, it has been easy to implement and our field staff is having no issues using it on a daily basis. The customer support is always available and will walk you through the scenarios you are dealing with – and that’s a very important feature when purchasing any type of software/application.

– Brian Douglas, Vice President

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