IT Asset Tracking in the Construction Industry

Nuera Project Consulting, LLC specializes in management, construction and consulting for residential, commercial, senior and health care projects. Nuera features a “Boutique Design Build” process that offers integrated project design and delivery methods that provide our clients with the benefits of a single source “one-stop-shop” method of delivery.

We have IT assets spread out among dozens of locations in the USA and Canada. With construction being such a detail-oriented industry, and assets such as laptops, desktops, monitors, phones, tablets, etc. used on a daily basis at so many different locations, we needed an easily accessible and easy-to-use database to track the location, users, and histories of our IT equipment.

Before Asset Panda, we tracked our assets in Excel spreadsheets. This was not an effective method for our team. There were multiple versions of the spreadsheet being used by multiple people and no one knew which copy was the most up-to-date. Asset Panda stores all of our data in one central database and works flawlessly with multiple users who need access to the data anytime and from anywhere -- and that’s been great for my team.

Asset Panda has also saved us valuable time because it eliminates confusion and misinformation about the status of our assets. And in our industry, time is money! Asset Panda allows us to track not only what/where an asset is but its history. I can look back and see that a specific laptop in use today was damaged a year ago by someone else, and not by the current employee. We can upload data and even photos or video on the life cycle of every asset and its condition every time it is checked in or out.

I would recommend Asset Panda to anyone who needs a low-cost and highly customizable solution for tracking assets of any kind.

-Brendan Ryan, IT Manager

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