South Dakota School District Realizes Tremendous Time Savings With Asset Panda

The Watertown School District's technology department supplies support for physical devices and software throughout the entire district

Asset Panda Solutions:

  • Asset management tracking
  • Time savings
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate data reporting
  • Easy import/update data
  • Centralized data
  • Tracking assets over multiple locations

Customer since: September 2016

South Dakota’s Watertown School District has a rich history of high academic achievement, strong extra-curricular programs, and incredible community support for education. We believe our students' work effort is evident each time they enter the classrooms or the competitive arena.

In the technology department, our role is to supply support for physical devices and software that fuel the educational processes across the entire district. Our mission is “Learning is advanced with the integration of technology.” We have numerous assets that are moved around throughout the 8 school campuses. Assets are also frequently taken home by staff and students. So keeping up with all of these different pieces is vital. We need to know where the district’s equipment is at all times, who has it and also need to ensure it’s in proper working condition for whoever needs it next … Asset Panda has helped us achieve all of that.

Before we started using Asset Panda, we were tracking our assets through a variety of ways – multiple spreadsheets, our student information system and by memory. None of these methods worked together. We did not have one place that housed all the information needed on our assets that could be cross-referenced by any staff member that needed access. It was also taking way too much time to look up details about any particular asset.

Asset Panda has made getting information about all of our vital assets much more timely. By having all the data on our assets in one central location, we are seeing far less mistakes and more accurate information across the board. The process of importing and updating data has been very easy for our department. And for our non-technical users, the interface is not intimidating and they are finding it easy to use as well!

We are saving on average around 3 hours a day that would have normally been spent trying to track down equipment. In a school setting where equipment is needed regularly and immediately, that is a huge savings.

I definitely would give Asset Panda a “10” and highly recommend it to any school district technology department – small or large – as the way to track assets while also saving loads of time!

- Don Myrick, Technology Department Technician

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