Shelly & Sands Dumps Excel, Gains 20 Minutes a Day

Based in Ohio and originally founded in 1944, Shelly & Sands, Inc. provides general contracting work with an emphasis on infrastructure construction. The company also lays asphalt for cities and organizations in the Midwest, as well as providing portable equipment options to such operations as mining and dredging.

Asset Panda Solutions:

  • Time savings
  • Multiple users
  • Mobile app
  • Improved asset management
  • Report generation
  • Notifications creation

Hours saved since implementation: 20 minutes a day

Customer since: June 2017

We are a general contracting company here at Shelly & Sands, but our main focus is on building roads and bridges. We have about 800 people in our company, and we work across several different cities in the Midwest. In addition, we often have equipment at different job locations. This means we have a lot of assets to keep track of both in the offices and out in the field.

Unfortunately, tracking all these assets was becoming a headache. Before Asset Panda we tracked assists with simple Excel sheets. The problem was the sheets were not getting updated and they could not provide notifications automatically. We didn’t know who had what, or where it was, or if it had even been returned and was available for use.

Ever since becoming an Asset Panda customers about six months ago, we’ve seen so many results we’re happy with. For starters, Asset Panda has made it very simple to track our company’s assets, set notifications for inspections due, and allowed our users to update the system when they give one of their tools out to another user. The ability to create your own reports has also been amazing. I’ve personally saved about 20 minutes per day since implementing Asset Panda!

Overall, your software has helped us more easily track items such as our small tools and GPS equipment. The software is very user-friendly and if something is not easily discovered a quick email to support solves the problem. In fact, customer support has been great; they always get back to me with answers. I’d highly recommend Asset Panda to other general contractors!

– Anthony Kinner, IT Manager

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