IT Asset Tracking at Technical Colleges

Gateway Technical College had outgrown their legacy asset tracking system and switched to Asset panda to drastically redesign their process of tracking assets.

Our decision to move to Asset Panda to track our assets was an easy one when we looked at what we were using and where the future was headed at Gateway Technical College. We had outgrown our current asset tracking system and drastically needed to redesign the process for tracking assets.

Before Asset Panda, we utilized a standard electronic spreadsheet. With 20 techs across 6 locations and 3 counties using the same document, it was fraught with errors like duplicate records, misspelled words, wrong serial numbers, and missing employee numbers. We quickly realized as we were growing and our assets were growing, we needed to simply the process and find a program that wasn’t too complex, could track the entire lifecycle of an asset and be easy to use for our techs in the field as well as the staff in the office. Asset Panda was a perfect match for those exact needs.

Because we have a large number of techs spread out among 6 different campuses, it was important to have a system in place that would increase our accuracy in tracking assets as well as the compliance by the team in keeping up with them at all levels. One standout for our team for us was the mobile capability, all cloud based. The purchase of laptops is one of our larger expenses. Having the ability to instantly scan the serial number and model number of each laptop as it’s received at any location using Asset Panda’s mobile barcode reader and import it into a central database has proven to be a major time and money saver for us.

As we move from campus to campus, we can pull instant reports on what’s been added to our inventory or what’s been removed, the maintenance schedule, and where every item is and who has it. The ability to pull these types of reports are going to be beneficial when it comes time to plan for our yearly budgets and examining the lifecycle of our assets and their impact on the bottom line.

The user templates in Asset Panda have also made a difference in the way we run operations on a daily basis when it comes to tracking our assets. In the past, everyone had access to the same documents, and that caused a multitude of errors. Now, we can assign access to specific staff/techs based on their different roles and avoid costly errors and ensure that the right people are seeing the appropriate information.

With Asset Panda, we have found a program that will grow right along with us as we continue to grow. The mobile application and online tools work together seamlessly and the flexibility of use of Asset Panda in terms of our specific needs has definitely increased our accuracy and compliance across the board.

– Dan Madsen, Director of IT – Technical Operations/Learning Innovation Division

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