Ramp Up Customer Satisfaction
With Asset Panda’s
Simple, Powerful Mobile App

Finding and retaining customers is among the biggest challenges faced by any organization. Smart companies have harnessed mobile technology as a means to do just that – improve customer service, generate customer loyalty, better understand their customers and, ultimately, increase their revenue. Consumers want simplified, streamlined processes they can perform anytime, anywhere, and quickly. The ideal mobile experience, then, should be convenient, fast and turnkey, enabling users to handle a task from start to finish from a smartphone or tablet day or night.

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We’ve recently seen some staggering statistics regarding mobile technology habits:

  • The time spent on mobile devices has increased 90 percent since 2013. (comScore, 2015 U.S. Mobile App Report).
  • Time spent on mobile (51 percent) is now significantly higher than desktop (42 percent). (KPCB, 2015 Internet Trends)
  • Wearable usage has jumped 57 percent from 2014 (25.1 million to 29.5 million). (eMarketer)
  • 80 percent of organizations say that mobile customer service has a positive influence on their businesses, and 70 percent are trying to boost their mobile customer service. (simicart.com)

What we’re seeing is nothing short of a massive cultural shift, and more businesses are jumping on board in an effort to get a leg up on the competition.

Many Asset Panda customers are using our simple, powerful mobile platform as an enterprise service desk. That feature enables our customers to spend much less time fielding support calls – a benefit that organizations of any size can appreciate. But the advantages of this feature reach way beyond convenience. Asset Panda enables companies to raise the bar on the level of service they provide their own customers, and we all know how crucially important it is to keep customers satisfied. Happy customers become lifetime customers. They recommend you to family, friends and acquaintances. Now that we’re living in an era ruled by social media, those recommendations travel fast and far, and they mean more than ever. In fact, Nielsen’s 2015 Global Trust in Advertising Report found that two-thirds of respondents (a sample of people from among 60 countries) trust consumer opinions posted online.