Track Utilities Earns Back
A Day A Week
With Asset Panda


For over ten years, Track Utilities, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Peak Utility Services Group, has provided the Northwest and Intermountain West regions of the United States with a variety of electric and telecommunications services, including aerial telecom, underground and overhead electric, joint utility trenching, and directional drilling. However, Track Utilities was having a difficult time not only keeping track of its assets, but also figuring out an efficient system to assign them out to employees for various projects. This is because the company was only using Excel spreadsheets, and project leads and foremen frequently had no idea if assets were already assigned to workers or if they were even available.

After some searching and customization, Asset Management Lead Brian Bruni implemented Asset Panda and his company saw the following results:

  • Better accountability regarding where assets are, who used them last, and if they’re available for use
  • Reduced expenses thanks to no more ordering of unnecessary/duplicate assets
  • Improved understanding of maintenance and repair needs and scheduling
  • Unlimited ability to access asset warranties and information

[Asset Panda] saves us countless hours throughout the week knowing where our tools are. I would say just with one division, for 20 people in that division, we save an hour a week at minimum. That’s a lot of cost savings; they’re just not having to run around looking for tooling, so it’s definitely helped in terms of cost for us.

Brian Bruni
Asset Manager

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