Asset Panda Adds SSO to New Microsoft Azure Active Directory Integration

Asset Panda develops new integration capabilities in record time.

July 22, 2021, Frisco, Texas - Only 6 weeks after launching its Azure Active Directory integration, asset tracking software company Asset Panda introduces Azure AD Single Sign-on (SSO). 

“This is the perfect example of our client feedback loop in action,” said Rex Kurzius, CEO of Asset Panda. “After releasing our Azure AD integration it became abundantly clear that SSO was a key capability our clients required in order to see its full value. We listened, prioritized its development and released it in record time.”

This addition to the Azure AD integration functionality reduces login friction and password fatigue by enabling employees to access Asset Panda using one set of credentials. This ultimately leads to higher software adoption rates and boosts cybersecurity.

The annual cost for Azure SSO as a stand-alone integration is $99 billed annually. The annual cost of Asset Panda’s Azure AD with SSO integration is $108 billed annually. Both options are now available to all Asset Panda clients. Learn more about Asset Panda’s integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

About Asset Panda

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About Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD)

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is Microsoft’s cloud-based identity and access management service (IDaaS), which helps employees access and engage with internal and external users and resources more securely.