Microsoft Azure Active Directory with SSO

Asset Panda integrates fully with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, letting you use your favorite platform with the power of Asset Panda’s fully configurable and cloud-enabled platform.

Data Sync

Maintain accurate data between systems

User Management

Control access and user templates

Single Sign-On

Use one login to access both Azure and Asset Panda

Fully Configurable Integration

What truly sets Asset Panda apart is our ability to fully configure our platform to your unique needs. No two companies are the same, and your individual asset management needs and metrics won’t match another company in the same industry. That’s why we allow fully configurable fields and settings that let you make Asset Panda your own, even when fully integrated with Microsoft Azure.


Asset Panda provides a fully cloud-accessible platform that makes it possible for you and your employees to access information about your assets from anywhere, and when combined with the powerful capabilities of Microsoft Azure, that cloud capability is even more powerful.

Managing assets in the cloud with Asset Panda and Azure allows you to ensure that all asset management data is kept accurate, updated, and available between systems.

User Management

Asset Panda allows you to fully control user access, create user templates, and more in perfect coordination with Microsoft Azure.

Benefits of Azure Integration

Why integrate Asset Panda with your existing Microsoft Azure Active Directory? Here are some of the powerful benefits that can help transform your organization for the better.


To enable this app, you'll need:

  • An active Asset Panda subscription
  • A Microsoft Azure Active Directory deployment in your organization
  • Administrative access to both Azure and Asset Panda


Asset Panda's integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory opens a one-way channel that enables administrators to sync user information from Azure into the Asset Panda system. User data can be synced to Asset Panda in one of two ways:

  1. As Asset Panda users
  2. As entries in an Employees group

Users that are synced as Asset Panda users will be automatically updated any time an update is made in Azure Active Directory.

This provides the flexibility to bring data into Asset Panda in a way that is most suited to your use case, whether that's speeding up onboarding for new Asset Panda users or enabling rapid check-outs to anyone already in Azure Active Directory.

If you bring records in as Asset Panda users, you can also bulk assign User Templates to speed up your migration process and ensure that everyone has the correct level of access.

All of this comes with an easy field mapping tool that ensures that all of your employee data goes to the right place and stays up to date.