Why an Equipment Refresh is a Good Thing

When equipment is constantly used, it needs a bit of an equipment refresh. Sometimes that means a simple software upgrade. Other times it means a complete overhaul in the repair shop. And sometimes, it, unfortunately, means that equipment is out of date and no longer viable and is retired from service. Having a way to keep up with and track your assets’ use can aid organizations in making informed and cost-effective decisions on how they use their assets now and in the future.

As equipment ages, many organizations do not always take note and consider that as a “line item” when budgeting or forecasting for the future. When that equipment breaks down unexpectedly and can’t be used, it can create a work-stop or delay processes. That’s why it is so important to know everything you can about your assets in order to get the most value from them.

Employing a system capable of streamlining your tracking processes and knowing when it’s time for an “equipment refresh” -- whether at a warehouse, job site or even in your home office is fundamental to ensure your equipment is working properly for the task it is assigned.

Keeping track of the location, usage, and status of your vital assets will improve accountability, reduce excess purchases, reduce paperwork, eliminate manual tracking that is prone to error, and improve maintenance accuracy. When you have a clear picture of every asset at any given time, your organization will be able to see the efficiency of allocated resources.

When companies are in the know about the timing for an “equipment refresh” thanks to asset tracking and management software, they can have a backup and temporary plans in place while equipment is out of service. Employees are not standing around wasting valuable time trying to figure out what to use in place of the missing equipment.

Data can be recorded about each time equipment goes in for a “refresh.” That data can be reviewed and assessed, allowing companies to better prioritize, plan and schedule their work around the lack of equipment to make the most efficient use of their employees and other equipment available. Managers can take a high-level view of the company’s work orders and make decisions about equipment assignments and staffing accordingly. And most importantly, they can access data on any piece of equipment, including its specs, location, and condition thanks to real-time data.

With Asset Panda, organizations have a powerful, yet easy-to-use way to keep up-to-date with the status of each piece of equipment and when it’s time for an “equipment refresh”. This system enables companies to make smart decisions when comparing the cost of replacement to that of maintenance. Users can add photo entries to compare the quality of your equipment to its original state.

By using Asset Panda, you can require your employees to scan all the equipment that is to be checked in/checked out for “refreshing.” Asset Panda works as a scheduler as well, providing custom alerts, calendars, and charts to help schedule the service for future updates when the next service becomes due. In addition, Asset Panda helps you keep track of where each item is or was located and build a service history for each piece of equipment for auditing purposes. You can even create and manage work orders against equipment maintenance. Once everything has been properly tagged and tracked, the possibility of loss decreases and allows your organization to clearly evaluate the use of all consumables, materials, and equipment.

A good equipment refresh is something every company should consider to ensure optimal working condition for their assets. Asset Panda will save you money as well as time while increasing efficiency and productivity throughout your entire organization. Learn more with a free 14-day trial at www.assetpanda.com.


Audra London

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