The Budd Group Recovers 8 Hours A Day With Asset Panda

Every day, The Budd Group performs janitorial and landscaping services at thousands of locations across the American southeast. It needed an asset inventory management software that was as versatile as its business model, and it found one in Asset Panda.

Asset Panda Solutions:

  • Easy API integration
  • Data Import
  • Work orders/ Maintenance
  • Customized reporting
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Unlimited actions
  • Customized notifications
  • Customize your mobile app from the web
  • Inventory Management

Customer since: January 2018

The Budd Group provides high-quality janitorial, maintenance, landscaping, production support and facility support solutions to clients throughout the Southeast. In order to service such a large number of clientele over such a vast location, we have tens of thousands of employees. Every day, employees travel out of our central headquarters in company trucks, toting along company equipment to perform services for our customers. But with that many people, trucks, and assets to monitor, we were having a hard time keeping track of anything.

Before Asset Panda, we used a simple spreadsheet to manage thousands of assets. From determining consistent data to track for our assets, to remembering to update the spreadsheet at all, we had a difficult time. As a result, we lost assets that we couldn’t keep track of. For the ones we didn’t lose, we frequently had no maintenance records. When a company truck broke down, we wouldn’t realize it was overdue for maintenance and would be completely blindsided.

Then, eight months ago we switched to Asset Panda, and everything changed. Our current asset inventory management software has shifted the way we keep up equipment locations, repairs, and maintenance. Today, I can tell you right now where each one of our trucks is at any time, which customer it is going to in the future, when it’ll be back at our warehouse, and when it is due for maintenance or repairs.

Setting up Asset Panda was a breeze. Customer support was beneficial when it came to migrating our data, training our staff, and answering any questions that came up. Overall, we found it extremely simple to learn how to use the new software. And if we had any concerns, we could contact Asset Panda customer service and hear back from them almost instantly.

Now, every manager at the Budd Group can immediately see where equipment is and where it belongs. Using the mobile app, managers or employees can create a service ticket for repairs or maintenance on the go. Since we can predict repairs so quickly now, we can also better track repair costs and save money accordingly. This has made company budgeting easier, too.

In general, Asset Panda has centralized the process for managing and taking care of our company vehicles. We use the same asset inventory management software for their care, keeping, and maintenance. When it’s time to train new employees, all the training photos and videos are linked to the spreadsheet with each piece of equipment’s other data. Depending on their level of access, employees and managers can find everything they need about a vehicle in one place, from training to a location to a vehicle inspection history and maintenance needs.

Now it is easy to tell where the piece of equipment belongs, make service tickets, and monitor repairs. Using our new Asset Panda workflow, I estimate that our company has saved eight hours a day that used to be dedicated to tracking down lost or broken assets. Switching to Asset Panda's asset inventory management software has changed our company for the better and we’re never looking back.

Dale Christensen, Operations Manager

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