Making the Most of Free Asset Tracking Software

It’s no secret … one of the most eye-catching words when it comes to drawing a potential customer’s attention is the word FREE. We all love to get things for free. Free samples. Free memberships. Free gifts. But when it comes to asset tracking, the word free can leave a bit of doubt when the phrase free asset software comes up. What exactly are you getting for “free”? And is that “free” going to come back and cause more headaches or problems later down the line?

In the past, asset tracking involved complex and error-prone ledgers and spreadsheets. One mis-typed serial number or an accidental deletion of a formula for valuing an asset could spell absolute disaster if it wasn’t caught immediately. And while these items are free to use – paper or an excel document – the cost of a mistake could equal hundreds or thousands of dollars in unnecessary replacements or repairs of an asset.

Today, there are several free asset software products on the market and each has a purpose in providing efficient tracking capabilities and valuation for companies. As businesses grow and their workforce becomes more mobile, assets such as laptops, tech equipment, phones, tablets are moving right along with them. With that growth is more of a chance of loss, unreported damage or even theft. Finding an asset software that can help a business keep track of all their assets no matter where they are is becoming more important. Finding a free asset software that will aid in asset tracking is definitely a benefit as accounting departments are scrutinizing budgets and line items like never before, finding ways to save money and cut costs. Just be aware of what you are getting for free and know that free doesn’t always mean it’s a good fit for your specific business or industry.

Probably the most important quality to look for when exploring the options of free asset software now readily available is the flexibility of the tool. Whatever program you choose should adapt to the way you, your employees and your business works. Make sure that the asset tracking software goes beyond simple inventory. It should change as your needs change so that it’s always the perfect platform to meet goals or solve problems—about any number of assets and for any sized company, in any industry.

Another important factor is customization, again supporting the way you prefer to work. A good asset software program allows for an unlimited number of users and enables them to add specific details in their custom entries, like repair and replacement costs, current condition and administrative information. The depth of this information entered into customizable fields and dashboards empowers clients to make better, more informed decisions, eliminate guesswork and costly errors, and eliminate wasteful spending.

And finally, look for a tool that promotes ease of use. Whether you have 5 employees tracking assets or 500, you need to have an asset tracking system in place that is easy to understand and can be used by everyone as needed. We are all rushed for time, and spending needless hours trying to learn a difficult asset software program with intricate rules and too many steps will be a waste of everyone’s time – even if it is free. Simply stated, if the system is too hard, employees won’t use it.

Asset Panda’s free asset tracking software is incredibly simple, flexible and completely customizable. And because it’s powered by the cloud, you have access 24 hours a day to real-time, accurate information, including the data your accounting teams require. There’s no more guesswork, no more spreadsheets, no more costly errors.

Asset Panda’s intuitive interface makes it easy to work from anywhere, on devices you’re already using. That means everyone in your organization can access the right information about your assets—in the right way and at the right time. Available via free mobile apps and on the web, Asset Panda’s free asset software gives organizations large and small a comprehensive, lifecycle view of their vital assets and equipment.
  • Quickly integrates with legacy systems
  • Seamlessly imports data from existing spreadsheets
  • Creates customizable reports for relevant, contextual insights
  • Check in/check out keeps staff up to date with all relevant information
  • Reduces redundancy, loss and theft
  • Improves budgeting, planning and financial preparation
  • Increases tax and insurance accuracy
  • Better determines appreciation/depreciation value
  • Enhances disaster recovery
  • Tracks ghost assets

Best of all, Asset Panda is so easy to use that it requires no special training, saving your staff time and money! See it for yourself and try Asset Panda’s asset tracking software FREE for 14 days. You’ll definitely have a newfound respect for the word free! For more information, go to

Audra London

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