Asset Panda Goes Beyond The Basics Of Asset Tracking With The Integration Of Google Workspace

Frisco-based Asset Panda continues to rise to the next level of functionality in helping companies optimize the processes of tracking, managing, and supporting their assets by introducing the integration of Google Workspace to its already robust asset tracking and management platform.

Google Workspace is a package of cloud-based services that provide organizations with a whole new way to work. With the Asset Panda integration, customers have access to three specific applications — Google Device Manager, Google Mobile Management and Google Directory — to deliver a simultaneous, two-way integration experience in which Asset Panda users can use both applications at the same time.

The device management functionality, or Google Device Manager, is for users running Google Chrome devices. It is intended to allow administrators manage their organization’s Chrome devices from a single place. By adding this feature to Asset Panda, users have the functionality to populate their Asset Panda account with chrome and mobile devices. Users also have the ability to activate, disable or deprovision those devices through actions in the Asset Panda application. Additionally, users can deploy/assign assets to employees, students, staff, etc. who are in the Asset Panda system. When paired together, Google Chrome and Asset Panda make it easy to manage logistics and load data simultaneously in both systems.

With the mobile device management component, users can use Google Mobile Management to manage, secure, and monitor mobile devices throughout the organization. This feature uses organizational units to apply different settings or customize management across device types and to groups of users. In Asset Panda, users can track and view device information in real time. This tool also simultaneously populates data through Asset Panda. Users can track data in Asset Panda and then push updates or approval of those devices on your network, back into the Google platforms.

The final component, or user management component, from Google Workspace integrated into Asset Panda is Google Directory. With this tool, users can retrieve and manage users, create employee or student records and leverage single sign-on (SSO) as a result of the Google Workspace integration. The list is kept in sync with Asset Panda, leveraging automation and user creation with a single sign-on.

“The addition of Google Workspace to the list of tools that work simultaneously with Asset Panda further streamlines the process for passing data between systems,” says Rex Kurzius, Founder and CEO of Asset Panda. “The integration of Google Workspace into Asset Panda has created an even more efficient way to track and manage assets, offering our users a more convenient and user-friendly application that is saving them a considerable amount of time in their work day.”

Asset Panda has set the precedent of innovation and is recognized as a powerful, highly intuitive mobile ecosystem that tracks assets and equipment throughout their respective lifecycles and closes the communication loop among stakeholders. Powered by free Android and iPhone/iPad apps that sync with the cloud, Asset Panda’s asset tracking and management platform features an intuitive interface and completely customizable features that enable employees to work from anywhere, on devices employees are already using. That means they have quick and easy on-demand access to everything they need to know about their company’s assets.

The ability to manage the information down to the location, area in the location and actual asset gives Asset Panda users the ability to allow the mobile users to see and track only the assets they are responsible for tracking. More accurate data guards against loss and waste, eliminates guesswork, results in lower property taxes and potentially lower insurance costs, and provides better support for end users. Unlike other systems, Asset Panda is highly configurable, so it can become whatever companies need it to be, and adjusts as their needs change.

“We strive every day to deliver the best asset management platform available on the market — and that means consistently looking for ways to improve the product and find viable solutions and integrations like Google Workspace to enable our users to do their jobs better,” says Kurzius.

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