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Asset Panda's mobile asset management app will transform the way you track assets for the better. Access robust mobile asset tracking on your tablet or smartphone whenever and wherever you need it.

Mobile Asset Management Solutions for Every Industry

Organizations of all sizes trust their valuable assets to Asset Panda's complete asset management solution. Mobile asset managers across the globe are ditching pen and paper and other outdated products and opting for proper life cycle asset management that fits in the palm of their hands.

Because the easiest way to solve problems, gain accountability, and record reliable asset data is to enable team members to update information in real time. And the most efficient way to control this real-time data entry process is by granting authorized access to those who regularly interact with your organization's assets.

In today's thriving digital age, most employees and workers already have a mobile phone in their pockets, and whether they have an Android or iPhone, Asset Panda's mobile asset management software application is available on virtually any smartphone or tablet.

From small businesses to large corporations, every organization has something of value they want to keep tabs on. Mobile asset tracking solutions meet this need regardless of your industry or the stuff you're tracking.


Schools, universities, and other educational institutions manage a huge variety of assets and inventory both onsite and remotely. Being chained to a desktop can interfere with record-keeping processes, especially when your school's assets are on the move. 

By making your asset tracking software available on the web and a fully configurable mobile app, you'll avoid wasting time and money that decreases your school's asset performance and effectiveness.

Is your school tracking funding resources, IT assets, equipment repairs, work orders, and preventive maintenance? Or ensuring software licenses are up to date, and resources are checked in and checked out properly? If so, you can manage it all from one powerful mobile app.


If you work in the construction industry, you know that your 'office' on a given day can include multiple worksites and locations, with your tools and equipment spread across them at any given time. Our mobile app allows you to track your tools and equipment from one convenient location, fully cloud-enabled for access wherever you are, whether you have internet access or not.

Reduce downtime by accessing real-time data from your mobile device, and make better use of your existing assets while ensuring better purchasing decisions in the future. With Asset Panda's tool tracking software, you will always know which tools are on your job sites. Quickly and easily schedule equipment maintenance, book employees or equipment to jobs, and find asset information in our mobile app with built-in barcode scanning.

Get complete lifecycle visibility for your construction assets with mobile construction asset management software you can access at any job site.


The ability of healthcare organizations to effectively manage assets doesn't just affect their bottom line— it could also impact people's lives. When managing the location, use, and maintenance of lifesaving medical equipment, fast access and dependable tracking is vital. That's why Asset Panda's healthcare asset tracking software has become a worldwide go-to choice for healthcare facilities.

Our comprehensive medical inventory mobile application tells you exactly where devices are located at a given time so that you can provide the best possible care for your patients— anytime, anywhere.


Government asset management software isn't just crucial for effectiveness and efficiency— they're also vital for compliance. Government organizations must adhere to the most stringent compliance standards regarding asset use, which is why many asset tracking apps can slow government agencies down.

Not Asset Panda, which provides a streamlined yet robust web-based and mobile asset management app that helps you:

  • keep up-to-date records on assets
  • conduct audits smoothly
  • make repairs more quickly
  • extend the lifespan of your equipment
  • stay fully compliant at all times

First Responders

First responders know that properly functioning equipment saves lives, so there's no industry where proper maintenance, replacement schedules, and other asset tracking data are more critical. And with first responders constantly on the go, mobile asset tracking is essential.

Asset Panda provides complete visibility into the unique information you need at a moment's notice about the specific gear first responders need to be effective, stay safe, and save lives. And when equipment does fail, you can know instantly— and remove that gear from service until it can be repaired or replaced.


Non-profits have unique asset management needs because many regularly take donations that must all be properly tracked and accounted for— and that's where an asset tracking app is essential.

The moment assets are sent, Asset Panda accounts for them in the cloud database so that anyone you grant access to can have the necessary visibility. More generally, a better non-profit asset tracking solution with a mobile asset management app means reduced repair costs and lower waste.

Religious Institutions

Churches and religious institutions must empower volunteers and staff to track the assets needed to serve their congregations. Live AV equipment, musical instruments, and other assets all track differently, which is why Asset Panda's fully configurable church asset tracking app is an essential tool for churches nationwide. Stay up to date when staff checks out equipment, makes new purchases, and scans barcodes to check assets in or out.

Other Industries

We've listed some of the most common industries where asset tracking software excels. But there's really no limit to the types of organizations that can benefit from mobile, cloud-based asset tracking. With a fully configurable system that lets you track the information that matters most about your unique assets, any company can maximize the efficiency of its asset tracking system for any industry with Asset Panda.

How Asset Panda's Mobile Asset Management Software Works

Want to understand how Asset Panda's asset management software makes tracking your organization's assets easier than ever? It's simple!

Step #1: Assign Barcodes or QR Codes

When you begin tracking an asset, you can instantly generate a barcode or QR code that serves as that asset's unique identifier. Asset Panda makes this process straightforward and simple, directly from your asset tracking app on your mobile device. You can assign a series of configurable information fields to that barcode and associated item, making tracking even more powerful.

Step #2: Scan Codes for Info and Check-in/Check-Out

Want information on an asset, from its service history and maintenance records to when it has been reserved and by whom? Simply scan the code, and all of that asset's information instantly appears on your mobile device. You can also use this process to make reservations on assets, check them out, or check them back in again when you're finished using them.

Step #3: Stay on Top of Your Inventory with Advanced Reporting

Asset Panda goes beyond the ability to check items in or out and search for their current location. It's also designed to provide advanced reporting and insights into how your assets are used, moved, and maintained. You can instantly call up reports on an item's service and usage history, as well as any maintenance alerts that may be attached to it. That way, your assets aren't just where they're meant to be— they're also in great working condition at all times, especially when they're needed most. 

Asset Panda's Asset Tracking App Features

Here are some features that make Asset Panda's mobile app so unique— the same features that have resulted in rave reviews from countless clients in every conceivable industry.

Custom Configuration

Every company is different, and they all manage unique asset types. That means that the metrics and parameters that matter most to one business may not matter to another. That's why Asset Panda's mobile asset tracking app is designed to be as configurable as possible. Create your own specific fields and layouts for asset tracking to put your organization on the path to efficiency.

Unlimited Users

There's no limit to how many users can access the Asset Panda app, ensuring that everyone in your company can track, maintain, and use your most important assets when they're needed.

Assignable Permissions

Worried about granting too many people access to your company's most valuable assets? Asset Panda makes assigning specific permissions to a wide range of users and groups easy. For example, you may assign a specific organization within your company to only be able to check out assets that are relevant to their duties.

Mobile Signature Capture

Want to require a signature for access to specific access? No clipboard or pen required. Asset Panda lets you capture signatures digitally from a smartphone or other mobile device.

Barcode Generation & Scanning

Instantly generate and scan barcodes or QR codes so that tracking your assets is as simple as taking a photo with your cell phone.

Mobile Check-out & Returns

Even if a user isn't physically present to scan an asset for check-out, they can reserve that asset remotely from their mobile device— and see whether another user has already claimed it. This keeps your entire company organized and aware of which assets are being used at which time— and which ones are in need of maintenance— from anywhere.

Full Cloud Access

Full remote access is essential for a truly mobile experience in an asset tracking app, which is why Asset Panda's mobile platform is fully cloud-enabled.

Intuitive Interface

Asset Panda's mobile experience is clean, simple, and easy to use because it was designed specifically for mobile users on the go. Never deal with a confusing, frustrating mobile interface again.

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