3 Creative Ways to Track Inventory in Your Classroom


Teachers rely on many school supplies to run their classrooms. As a teacher, you need to find effective ways to track inventory for your class. There are a thousand things you need to work on at any given moment, so spending time trying to find learning aids will only complicate your job.

You need a system you can rely on at any given moment. But it’s hard to find time to organize your supplies when school is in session. During school hours, you have to present your lessons. When school is out, there are grading and after-school activities.

You don’t have to implement your system all at once. First, find out what works best for your needs, and then outline what steps you need to take to put it in place.

If you’re stuck trying to find a good way to organize your classroom inventory, here are some ideas.

Find an Inventory Software to Track Everything

Trying to manage your inventory by hand is just asking for trouble. There are so many places for mistakes to happen, which will further complicate your inventory management.

Inventory software doesn’t have to be this big scary thing. There are several solutions out there that will work for you. One program that would make your tracking easier is Asset Panda. This easily-configurable system works well on your mobile device so that you can track from all over the school. If you can get the school district to sign off on it, this platform can help all of the teachers in your school implement an inventory system and preserve precious budget dollars.

Use Labels to Identify Things in a Hurry

Once you’ve got an organization system, you’ll need a way to identify your items quickly. If you have a lot of large items like electronics, you can put on barcodes that will pull up the asset entry in seconds.

However, it doesn’t make sense to put barcodes on lots of little items like pencils or erasers. Consider using bins to store art supplies and writing utensils, and then put labels on the containers. You can check to make sure the number listed in the asset records matches what you have on hand.

Share Effective Ways to Track Inventory in the Classroom

When you find a system that works, consider bringing it to the rest of the school. How can your system benefit students outside of your classroom?

Finding ways to track inventory is a great way to stretch your already overburdened budget. Schools work with tight budgets, so keeping everything preserved and functioning can seem like an impossible task. However, finding and implementing an effective inventory tracking system is a great way to maintain your assets and make them last longer.

As a teacher, the health of your school’s organization is essential to you. If your school deteriorates in supplies and teaching ability, students will check out. They know when teachers don’t care about them. Many of them can feel like they don’t matter if classrooms don’t have the necessary supplies to do their schoolwork.

Keeping your school supply inventory in check will help you hold on to the items that your school needs to advance the year’s learning curriculum.

In 2022, Forbes Advisor named Asset Panda the best asset tracking software. Our explosive growth comes from keeping our platform flexible and able to meet your needs in classroom equipment inventory management.

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