Asset Inventory Labels

In today’s business climate of managing the bottom line and making sure that money is spent wisely for any business, having an effective way to keep track of a company’s assets is vital for day-to-day operations. Asset Panda’s asset tracking software and apps allow companies to be fully accountable for the assets they own and maintain, providing a real-time update on every piece of equipment in their inventory on a daily basis.

Asset inventory labels are a key component every company should have in use in order to identify and track the equipment and inventory necessary to the successful operation of a business. Labels identify equipment using a unique serial number or barcode which helps to speed data entry, reduce field entry errors, enable easier check-in/check-out of equipment, track costs and maintenance records – all with the combined use of a barcode scanner.

Asset Panda recognizes that asset inventory labels are continuously evolving to accommodate smaller, more mobile and more valuable assets, becoming more closely integrated with asset tracking software such as ours. Asset labels function primarily for:
  • Equipment Tracking. Labels track equipment as it’s moved from place to place – whether it’s simply from room to room or across the globe. The label always stays with its assigned piece of equipment over its lifetime, and must be scanned for check-in and check-out. Having each piece labeled also aids in equipment requests and potential users know where the equipment is, who has it and when it’s expected to return. This allows users to manage their workflow more efficiently by being aware of where the inventory is at all times and when it can be utilized.
  • Preventing Theft. If an item is lost or misplaced, asset labels help identify the product should it be recovered. Of course there is the aggravation of losing a valuable asset with theft, but there is a greater risk of a potential data breach if an item like a laptop was stolen where critical customer data is stored. Thieves may be more wary of taking an object that can be traced with an asset label.
  • Maintenance Tracking and Inventory Control. Scanning the barcode of an asset label can quickly bring the user to a database of maintenance schedules helping to alleviate extra costs of unnecessary repairs or making a decision when it’s time to replace an item. Asset labels aid companies as they audit their asset list, calculating the value of the asset over its lifecycle and the contribution to the bottom line whether to replace an item, upgrade it or leave it as is in use. A company’s help desk can find the labels extremely helpful in ticketing items that may go out of service for maintenance. That information is passed through the asset management system should someone want to use a certain piece of equipment and allows him/her to adjust schedules/work load or search for a replacement piece until the requested item becomes available.

Asset labels typically have an adhesive backing, with the most common materials being anodized aluminum or laminated polyester. It’s important to choose the right label for each item in the inventory based on the type of use it will receive and the conditions they may be exposed to or come into contact with. Asset Panda can consult with you on selecting the appropriate label material to accommodate your specific inventory, usage and asset tracking inventory needs.

By utilizing asset inventory labels as part of Asset Panda’s asset inventory tracking management system, the entire team has easy access to each and every piece of equipment and where it is at all times, and most importantly, accountability for each piece in their possession.

Asset Panda’s philosophy is that our clients should be able to track their assets exactly how they want. We have the tools to help make that happen.

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