Inventory Asset Tracking
Saved Cellular One
40 Hours A Month


Cellular One’s Brittney Touchin was hired almost two years ago to run the company’s marketing events across both northern Arizona and New Mexico. When she started her position, Touchin was provided a simple Excel spreadsheet of the inventory in Cellular One’s warehouse. However, this spreadsheet was neither updated nor accurate and only covered one of the four warehouses owned by Cellular One which housed marketing and event-related assets.

As such, Touchin needed a better way to organize and keep track of all assets and inventory for the events she oversaw. To avoid having to drive out to every single warehouse herself each week, or use another employee’s precious time to take stock of all the inventory, Touchin searched for an asset tracking software solution she could customize to Cellular One’s needs, utilize and access across all warehouses, and update in real-time without her having to be physically present on location.

After choosing and implementing Asset Panda, Touchin saw the following results:

  • Up to 10 hours per week, or 40 hours per month, saved from having to travel to and update warehouse inventory
  • Half of what she used to do manually is now covered automatically by Asset Panda
  • 90-95% of the time Touchin now comes in under budget for marketing events

My staff, my coworkers, my boss are consistently amazed at the amount of work that Asset Panda is doing for us that we have never had before.

Brittney Touchin
Marketing Events Coordinator

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