Home Staging Firm Reduces Inventory Loss with Asset Panda

Founded in 2006, Home Designs is a home staging, furniture rental and real estate services firm based in Canada. 

Asset Panda Solutions:

  • Time savings
  • Improved asset management
  • Reduced loss
  • Improved inventory management
  • Asset tracking over multiple locations
  • Mobile asset and inventory tracking
  • Easy to use

Customer since: September 2017

Home Designs offers furniture rentals, home staging and real estate services for our clients. We also provide home repair and renovations and professional photography, virtual tours and custom feature sheets to help clients highlight the best features of their homes and find the right buyers. Our assets are essentially stored at one location, but as we rent them out, they end up all across several different cities and neighboring areas.

We chose Asset Panda to help us bring greater efficiency to our project management, inventory management and team management efforts. We use both the mobile and desktop apps.

In the past, our inventory management was a manual process, so we had a lot of lost inventory. We didn't have any real way to distinguish what was ours and what didn't belong to us. Now we can without any hesitation.

Our experience with Asset Panda's software so far has been great. My calls with my implementation specialist are to the point and instantly gratifying. He knows how to manipulate the software to do exactly what we need it to do. I love how simple he makes things. I'm not technical at all, so being able to just explain what I need and have him make the changes for me is awesome. Customer service also has been great - I have no complaints.

Asset Panda has changed the way we work. We spend less time looking for inventory as we can simply look up where any piece is at any given time with a few clicks. All of the features are extremely useful: I can't really pinpoint one specific feature that's been the most helpful. Asset Panda has saved us so much time in planning hours; we're probably saving about two hours a day since implementing the tool. I just love this software, and I'm not even finished with the full implementation stage!

– Annie Caya, Owner

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