How an Equipment Tracking Service Can Boost Hotel Efficiency and Service


We take for granted all the amenities we enjoy at hotels. Its mind blowing how much is happening behind the scenes to ensure everyone has a positive guest experience. An equipment tracking service is essential for any hotel or hospitality organization. That service can manage all of a hotel’s fixed assets including furniture, housekeeping/cleaning supplies, bathroom products, kitchen and restaurant supplies, artwork, vehicles, and so much more. Equipment, however, may rank among the highest priority when it comes to asset tracking.

Hotels can’t properly function without heat/air, kitchen equipment, pool and spa equipment, A/V equipment or IT assets, just to name a few examples. This equipment is located in multiple departments, making it difficult for hotels to coordinate among departments, examine equipment use and create refresh schedules.

Key Benefits


For hotels, the benefits of an equipment tracking service are very extensive. Perhaps the most significant benefit is the ability to stay on top of maintenance, service and other updates. Some hotels may operate under the philosophy that equipment service is required only when something breaks down. However, that's a slightly shorted view. Equipment that previously wasn't on a preventive maintenance schedule will require more extensive repairs. Additionally, those repairs have to be expedited in order to minimize disruption, which again adds to the cost. When equipment breaks down, employees may become frustrated – specifically client facing employees. One of the smartest insurance policies any hotel can make is to keep a preventive maintenance schedule for all key equipment. That’s an enormous job, and it’s too labor-intensive for any employee.

Equipment Tracking

That’s where an equipment tracking service comes in. Using the service, hotels can outsource the tracking function to a reliable, accurate platform. They can set up customized notifications and alerts so they never miss service or updates again.

Reduction of Theft & Loss

Another key benefit of an equipment tracking service comes from the reduction of theft and loss. Hotels lose an enormous amount of money each year from thieves, which includes not only guests but their own employees, as well. The American Hotel & Lodging Association estimated that in 2011, theft cost hotels $100 million.


An equipment tracking service centralizes all fixed assets in one location. Barcodes applied to every piece of equipment allow users to scan and instantly access each asset’s complete lifecycle. The asset’s complete maintenance history, its exact location, the identity of the person/department who has it, the item’s warranty and value are among the information at their fingertips. Users may set up custom notifications and alerts so they don’t miss service dates. An equipment tracking service also curbs theft and loss and enables hotels to know exactly how many assets they own at any given time. They can make budgetary decisions based on real-time, accurate information instead of guesswork.

By keeping operations in good working order, an equipment tracking service saves hotels time and money. Most important, they’re able to focus on making their guests’ stay a pleasant one.

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