What’s the Best Free IT Asset Management Software for Your Organization?

What’s the best free IT asset management software on the market? Despite our own bias, the answer to that question comes down to the goals of your specific organization not just today, but long into the future. Ultimately, however, several features are universally beneficial to organizations regardless of their size, scope or industry.

Before you determine the best free IT asset management software for your organization, though, you might be questioning whether you even need to invest. Is your company big enough? Do you have enough IT assets to justify the software? The answer is almost always yes because whether you have 100 IT assets or 10,000, you stand to save time and money with IT asset management software. You’ll spend far less time hunting down lost assets, spend fewer of your precious resources replacing assets you forgot to maintain regularly, increase accountability and transparency throughout your organization, and rest easy knowing that your IT asset data is accurate, up to date and reliable.


When it comes to IT assets, mismanagement can be expensive not only due to the risk for theft of the assets themselves, but also the sensitive data stored on them.


The term IT asset management refers to the entire lifecycle of your IT assets – from their initial acquisition (including their respective contracts, their lease/purchase information, warranty information and quantities) as well as their condition over time, including maintenance histories and maintenance schedules, software updates and depreciation and, finally, their removal and replacement from your IT inventory. Equipment refresh schedules are essential for budgeting purposes; companies must monitor all of their IT assets and plan for alternatives. In an attempt to save money, some organizations continue to hang on to IT assets that are operating slowly and inefficiently, figuring that a lethargic machine is better than having to cover the cost of a replacement. Lost time and productivity is expensive, though, and in most cases, it’s better to phase out the slow-moving asset from your inventory.

The best free IT asset management software products allow users to view IT assets collectively throughout the entire organization, determining where assets are needed and where they might be sitting idle. These platforms enable organizations to schedule maintenance alerts, generate reports, contact vendors and create work orders. All IT asset data is housed and tracked in one location. Everything from an asset’s value to its current GPS coordinates is accessible within seconds.

The higher efficiencies you stand to realize through IT asset management software are significant. When it comes to IT assets, mismanagement can be expensive not only due to the risk for theft of the assets themselves, but also the sensitive data stored on them. Your reputation depends on these assets.

Traditionally, companies have tracked their IT assets using Excel spreadsheets, but Excel has several shortcomings. Only one user at a time can enter data into the spreadsheet. It’s not easy to view your IT assets throughout your entire organization. Excel can’t issue notifications and alerts to remind you of essential maintenance dates. Nor can you create reports from an Excel spreadsheet. Perhaps most important, your data isn’t necessarily in real time. You’re dependent on someone to key in the data manually, and the odds of entering a typo are very high.


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