Asset Tracking for System Administrators in Database Organizations

WuXi NextCODE is a cloud-based enterprise data platform specifically tailored to tracking genome, medical, and wearables information. WuXi works with global biotech and medical companies to sequence the genomic data to conduct medical studies and research, with the ultimate goal of helping improve the health of people around the world.

I work as a system administrator at the Iceland branch of WuXi NextCODE. I manage the network, servers, and IT infrastructure needed to keep this particular office up and running, as well as collaborating and communicating in a timely manner with the other branches. As such, it’s very important for me to be able to keep track of the office’s computer-based assets to ensure minimal downtime, and ultimately enable smooth operations across the company.

This is where Asset Panda comes into play. The asset tracking and management platform gives me an accurate account of what assets I have on hand, such as desktop computers, laptops, displays, Apple TVs, tablets, and printers. I’m also able to quickly check who in the office has what equipment, and whether or not particular assets are getting ready for being swapped out due to age.

For me, the most useful feature of Asset Panda has been its ability to help me quickly look up the age of my equipment and when its warranty expires in the case of something breaking down. For example, if a laptop stops working, I’m able to open the Asset Panda platform, check the laptop’s age and warranty, and determine whether or not it needs to be serviced or replaced entirely.

I’ve only ever used Asset Panda’s online platform, and since I’ve never had issues with it, I have no experience with interacting with its support team. Overall, I would easily recommend Asset Panda to another business in my industry. In fact, if I were to move into another job where there wasn’t an asset tracking system, I’d lobby for AP.

– Sigurður (aka Siggi) Örn Gunnarsson, System Administrator

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