How a State Government Agency
Revolutionized IT Asset Management
with Asset Panda


A prominent State Government Agency, renowned for its commitment to innovation and progress, faced numerous hurdles in managing and tracking its vast IT assets. Its initial system consisted of Excel spreadsheets and Lansweeper software, both of which proved to be less than ideal. The agency's main workflows revolved around assigning assets to employees, changing asset locations, conducting repairs, maintaining assets, and disposing of IT assets, all of which were notably cumbersome without a government asset management system.

The Challenge

Before they discovered Asset Panda, the State Government Agency grappled with a range of challenges:

  1. Inadequate Asset Tracking: The combination of Excel spreadsheets and Lansweeper for tracking didn't contain accurate, up-to-date information about all their assets, limiting their ability to make informed decisions.
  2. Complex Workflows: The process of assigning assets to employees, transferring their locations, overseeing repairs and maintenance, and disposing of assets was laborious and time-consuming.
  3. Limited Visibility: The lack of a centralized platform made it difficult for the team to have an overall view of their IT assets.
  4. Software License Mismanagement: Keeping track of different software licenses was a significant challenge, leading to unnecessary costs and potential legal risks.

The Solution

The State Government Agency decided on Asset Panda due to its high level of configurability and its centralized tracking system. The customer was thoroughly engaged throughout the implementation process, showing an enthusiastic and hands-on approach that intensified over time.

With Asset Panda, the agency was able to:

  1. Simplify Workflows: Asset Panda streamlined the processes of assigning assets to employees, changing asset locations, managing repairs and maintenance, and disposing of IT assets.
  2. Centralize Asset Tracking: Asset Panda enabled the agency to manage all their assets in one central location, significantly increasing the visibility of their asset state.
  3. Improve Software License Management: Asset Panda's features allowed the agency to manage its software licenses more effectively, mitigating potential risks and reducing excess costs.

The Results

Implementing Asset Panda has empowered the State Government Agency to effectively manage over 20,000+ assets, significantly simplifying their workflows, and ensuring efficient software license tracking. The customer expressed high satisfaction with Asset Panda, rating the improvement in management as an 8 out of 10, indicating substantial time savings and increased accuracy.


Within a short period, the State Government Agency has harnessed the power of Asset Panda to dramatically overhaul its IT asset management processes. The ongoing success story of the agency is a testament to the transformative potential of a customizable asset management platform like Asset Panda. Inspired by their achievement, the team continues to look for more ways to optimize their use of Asset Panda.

As one team member summarized, "We're always exploring, 'How can we do even better?' With Asset Panda, we've found the ideal tool to help us discover the answer."