Your Entire Organization Benefits from Formal IT Asset Inventory System


An IT asset manager’s job is enormous even without the task of IT asset inventory. Even within small organizations, IT equipment is likely to be among the biggest investments and the most consequential. The reality of the modern workplace is that most of us can’t do business without IT fixed assets, or if we can, our productivity is significantly hampered without computers, mobile devices, and the like. When IT asset inventory is performed using a formal system, the entire organization benefits.

Benefits Are Significant and Measurable

First, the savings of time and money that come with a centralized platform for tracking the whereabouts and condition of your assets are substantial. Second, employees no longer have to work on slow machines that haven’t been regularly maintained because key service dates were forgotten. Routine preventive maintenance keeps IT assets in good working order and extends their useful lives. The organization also is likely to fall victim to security breaches because IT assets have been properly updated. Assets don’t fall through the cracks and are less likely to be stolen. Calculating asset depreciation is far easier and is much more likely to be accurate, saving the organization from costly errors and associated fines. IT managers can determine their equipment refresh schedules based on accurate, real-time information versus guesswork, therefore avoiding duplication and waste – or equipment shortage. And that’s just the beginning.

Even with all of the overwhelming advantages associated with a formal IT asset inventory system, many organizations both large and small continue to rely on manual IT asset tracking, an unreliable system at best. The IT department within any company is held accountable for keeping costs within reasonable levels. One of the most effective ways to trim waste from the bottom line is to implement an IT asset inventory platform that provides IT managers and the Chief Information Officer with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that asset data is comprehensive, accurate and up to date.

Busting a Few Myths About Tracking Systems

Companies that avoided an IT asset inventory system have often done so based on the assumption that such systems are expensive, difficult to implement and/or even more difficult to understand for those who aren’t as fluent in IT. While that may be true for some IT asset inventory products, it’s not true for all of them. Find the best solution for your organization, and you stand to gain almost immediately when you can access the entire lifecycle of any IT asset at any time of day or night; determine any asset’s exact location, condition, and value; communicate with other asset stakeholders; and determine your IT needs at a micro or macro level.

Asset Panda: A Streamlined, Yet Powerful Approach

Technology has inspired innovation, and IT asset tracking is no exception. Asset Panda’s free mobile app syncs with the cloud and includes a mobile barcode scanner, effectively eliminating the need for additional hardware, software or expensive software licenses to operate. If you carry either a mobile phone or a tablet, you already have everything you need to use Asset Panda. Despite its streamlined approach, however, Asset Panda is the most powerful IT asset inventory platform in the world with a robust and customizable features offering that empowers you to track your IT assets any way you want.


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