How to Track Multiple Education Software Licenses

One of the most utilized educational assets colleges can provide to their students is software access. Depending on the department, learning how to use industry-related software programs can help students gain the skills necessary to succeed in the job market after graduating.

However, trying to manage hundreds of software licenses and student access can be an ordeal. If you don’t have a reliable way of maintaining these access points, you risk violating software license agreements, which can revoke your right to use the software at all.

How Can Colleges Provide Software Access to Hundreds of Students?

Most colleges will use what’s called an enterprise license for their software programs. This type of license allows for unlimited product access and circumvents the need to individually register each license.

Enterprise license agreements change depending on exactly what type of software you’re using. Some of them have tailored enterprise solutions, others use volume licensing, and others require you to buy tons of copies of the same program.

Tracking license keys, whether there’s multiple keys, what machines they’re on, the status of those machines, etc, differ a lot from each program.

There are several metrics used to measure how software access is attributed. They can use metrics like the number of users, size of the organization, amount of revenue, and many more. Some software programs are designed specifically for campus use.

Tracking Multiple Software Programs and Licenses

Trying to track all those licenses and regulations can be a nightmare. There’s no way to do it manually because you can’t be on all the machines at once. Therefore, using large scale solutions comes with a need to automate your tracking process.

Most of the enterprise software solutions that would apply to your school have agreements in place for large scale access. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, find ways to incorporate tracking into your administrative process.

Store Your Licensing Agreements in One Place

No matter how many different types of software programs your school provides to students, you need a way to track all of them in one place. It doesn’t make sense to try to track different agreements separately.

Keeping all your software regulations in one place ensures that you set up access in a way that respects the agreements you’ve already made. That way, you won’t risk losing access by accidentally violating the end-user agreement.

Track Student Access

You know what you need to do to respect your software rules and regulations. However, without a way to track student access, you can’t be sure they do.

If you want to ensure your students don’t risk you losing access to learning software, monitoring their access can give you a way to correct students who either don’t know better or who are purposefully trying to use your software in problematic ways. Having this type of monitoring can help you make corrections before your software access is revoked.

Create Renewal Notifications

Software licenses don’t last forever. You need to have ways to keep up with renewal and monitor changes in end-user agreements.

Many programs renew automatically. However, some of them increase prices, and can do this without notifying you. Creating renewal notifications helps you to stay on top of software access prices and ensures you know what you’re agreeing to with automatic renewal.

Asset Panda understands the importance of providing software access to your students. After all, it’s the best way for many of them to gain skills that will help them succeed in the workplace. We’ve created a customizable way for you to track your software assets and keep them up to date.

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