Asset Panda Brings New Efficiencies to Illinois School District

Arbor Park School District 145 is located in Oak Forest, Illinois. The K-8 elementary school district includes Arbor Park Middle School, Scarlet Oak School, Morton Gingerwood School, Kimberly Heights School and Kids Club Child Care Program. 

Asset Panda Solutions:

  • Time savings
  • Improved asset management
  • Work order tracking
  • Custom reports
  • Asset tracking over multiple locations
  • Mobile inventory tracking
  • School asset management system
  • Easy to use

Customer since: September 2017

It costs a lot of money to keep a school district running smoothly. With all of the technological tools adopted by school districts throughout the country - both in administrative offices and in classrooms - it's more important than ever for schools to protect these investments, maximize their lifespan, and reduce loss and theft. Schools need to be able to track what they have and where it is at any given time. Lost or damaged assets cost the average school district nearly $250,000 a year, including nearly $80,000 in technology alone. Unfortunately, many school districts, who are already busy juggling the needs of their students, find it difficult monitor their assets due to the limitations associated with Excel or other manual record-keeping processes.

The mission of Arbor Park School District 145 in Oak Forest, Illinois, is to develop a partnership with students, staff, parents, and the community that will create a learning environment that enables all children to reach their full potential and to ensure quality and equity for all to succeed. Our school district employs an administrative staff of 200. Our assets move throughout six different facilities and eight departments for fiscal efficiency.

Before Asset Panda, we relied on manual processes to track and manage our assets: email, pen, and paper or nothing at all. We started using Asset Panda's web and mobile apps a year ago. The features that have been especially useful are the project reports and management of requests. Our tech team uses Asset Panda to track their work orders and inventory.

Asset Panda's software has changed the way we work and has helped our bottom line by improving our communication, efficiency, morale and culture while saving us time. My Chief Technical Officer says Asset Panda is top-notch and just what we need. My teachers love it. My Board of Education is impressed. And that makes me a happy superintendent! On a scale of 1 to 10, the likelihood that I would recommend Asset Panda to friends or colleagues is a 10.

– Andrea Sala, Superintendent

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