Creston, Iowa School District Saves Almost 3 Hours a Day Searching For Assets Thanks to Asset Panda

Creston Community School District needed a platform to help them move beyond using email to track valuable assets and become more efficient.

Asset Panda Solutions:

  • Easy API Integration
  • Check in/Check out status
  • Data import
  • Work orders/maintenance
  • Mobile audit
  • Customized reporting
  • Customized notifications
  • Asset tracking over multiple locations
  • Cost-effective
  • Leased equipment tracking
  • School asset tracking

Customer since: May 2018

Located in southwest Iowa, you’ll find the city of Creston and the Creston Community School District. It’s a small district with only one elementary school, one middle school, and one high school. Even though we are a small district, we are investing in teaching young minds every day … and many days we learn from our students as well!

In the education field, every asset that we are using within the classroom (and in some instances outside the classroom) serves a valuable purpose. We have to be vigilant with every piece of equipment as they are continually being moved from classroom to classroom or even school to school. Budgets for spending are tight as it is, so there is very little money to spare on replacing equipment that is lost or misplaced or isn’t well taken care of.

Our asset tracking capabilities weren’t efficient, especially with how important we view what we need to use every day. Lost assets were becoming a big issue for us. Our “method” of tracking them was by email. Not very efficient at all.

Asset Panda has changed the way we track our assets. We are now more organized and more efficient across the board. We are saving valuable time – almost 3 hours a day – that would usually be spent trying to find one asset or another. Sending an email to a team member asking if they knew where a particular asset was and then another team member and then another team member is a thing of the past.

The convenience Asset Panda has afforded us has been very noticeable. By affixing labels to our assets, scanning the barcodes and compiling all of our data into one central location, we have real-time knowledge of what we have, where it is located in the district, and the condition it is in.

The mobile app has made it infinitely easier to track any asset and know precisely where it is. I pull out my own smartphone and log into the free Asset Panda app. I have a wealth of data right in the palm of my hands about all of our district’s assets. I can even scan an asset on the spot and see if it’s in our inventory or not. If it isn’t, then I can add it right in instantly—along with any notes, photos, video, alerts/reminders -- and Asset Panda will track its entire lifecycle moving forward.

Asset Panda has also impacted the way we track repairs and monitor cost-effectiveness for all of our classroom and administrative tools and equipment. We can see how an asset is performing, if it’s in for repairs too much or if it is not meeting our classroom standards. Asset Panda is very helpful for audits and budgeting for future school years.

We are using a number of integrations as part of the overall Asset Panda platform. Google Device Manager, JAMF and Google Workspace have all been instrumental with the tracking process by giving us the knowledge of what asset belongs to who. We are no longer having to guess and waste time walking around buildings to track assets down.

–Brendalee Lyell-Keate, Technology Department

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